BIA Cordon Bleu Stoneware 4.5 ounce Ramekin, Purple

C$ 2.50
SKU: i400012TPU

Whether you are adding the BIA Cordon Bleu Stoneware 4.5 oz Ramekin to your collection or planning to pick it up individually, this item is a must-have in your kitchen. Serve chili or soup or even use it to dip sauces, store condiments during prep work, the uses of this ramekin are many.

Made of good quality stoneware, this ramekin is safe to place in the oven and the microwave. Resistant to various temperature fluctuations, this versatile ramekin can directly go from the oven to the freezer without a worry. You can even bake in it or use the ramekin for individual dessert servings. The color glaze on the ramekin prevents food stains and odors and even prevents scratching and crazing due to heat. This dishwasher safe ramekin is easy to clean too. Perfect for use in the oven as well as the table, this ramekin makes food look double tempting. Whip up delicious crème brulee, flan and soufflé in the BIA Cordon Bleu Stoneware 4.5 oz Ramekin and let your guests praise your cooking skills. 

Key Features of the BIA Cordon Bleu Stoneware 4.5 oz Ramekin:

  • Unmatched Thermal Resistance: safe for freezer to hot ovens
  • Nonstick Glazed Interior: releases food for quick cleanup
  • Impermeable Exterior Enamel: resists knife scratches and stains
  • Ceramic Material: maintains even temperatures and prevents scorching
  • Straight Sides: Perfect for recipes that need height to rise

Technical Specifications

  • Piece Count: 1
  • Color: Purple with White Interiors
  • Dimensions: 3½"Dia × 1¼"H

Capacity: 4.5 ounces/150 millilitres (3½ ounces/100 millilitres to shoulder)

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