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  1. Organic Blue Agave Syrups by Wholesome Sweeteners

    Organic Blue Agave Syrups by Wholesome Sweeteners

    Fields of Agave Winter is fast approaching and that means it is time to stock up on everything that is warm and cozy. This includes your kitchen as well. What is better on an icy cold morning than a...

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  2. Caffitaly Coffee Makers in stock!

    Caffitaly Coffee Makers in stock!

    Here at Cilantro The Cooks Shop we are now selling the incredible Caffitaly coffee machines, frothers, and replacement coffee cups. Currently we have the S03 Caffitaly, the S05 Caffitaly, the LP16 LattePremio, and the Caffitaly Lattemento Automatic Milk

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  3. Mauviel Cookware Sale! Receive 25% Off Mauviel M'Heritage Cookware

    Mauviel Cookware Sale! 25% Off! Here at Cilantro The Cooks Shop we've put our entire stock of Mauviel M'Heritage Cookware on sale. Since 1830, Mauviel has manufactured the highest quality copper cookware from their factory in Villedieu-les-Poêles for

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  4. How to Keep Cilantro Fresh and Crisp

    photo courtesy of  All methods listed below should keep cilantro fresh for a week or more Always wash and dry cilantro leaves with paper towel. Keep leaves dry! Wet leaves will turn brown and wilt over time. Dry...

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  5. The Timeless Beauty of Emile Henry Cookware

    Emile Henry cookware is more than your average cookware. It's cookware that inspires. It's cookware that evokes passion; a passion for cooking, a passion for eating, a passion for living. It's cookware that brings joy to a kitchen. It's cookware...

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  6. New Kitchen Accessories! Lots of new products!

    Lots of new kitchen accessories added to the website. Our online catalog is getting bigger every day! Here are a couple of new kitchen accessories that need to be highlighted:   The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Salad Spinner Bowl is...

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