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  1. Kitchen Essentials for a Holiday Breakfast

    Kitchen Essentials for a Holiday Breakfast

    Like many people, it has always been a Christmas morning tradition in my family to have a big hearty breakfast. There is always tons of pancakes, a lot of bacon, fruit, and orange juice! Here at Cilantro The Cooks Shop,...

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  2. NordicWare Bundt Pans

    THE NORDICWARE BUNDT PAN The “bundt pan” was first introduced during the 1950’s designed after the style of the German kuglehopf pan. Made out of cast aluminum, the word bund loosely translated means “a gathering”; thus, a bund cake...

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  3. OXO Good Grips POP Food Storage Containers

    Incredible Air Tight Food Storage Containers One way or another, storage containers are a must have item for every home, office, sewing room or garage. The OXO Good Grips POP Air Tight Storage Containers are great and ideal for food storage...

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