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  1. British Cuisine: Welsh Rarebit

    British Cuisine: Welsh Rarebit

    One of the better known dishes of British Cuisine is the Welsh Rarebit (or Welsh rabbit). It is a simple dish made of toasted bread and a savory cheese sauce much like a fondue. The dish has been around Great Britain since the 17th century...

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  2. Dark Stout Beef Stew

    Dark Stout Beef Stew

    Beef Stew One of my favorite British inspired recipes is a dark stout Beef Stew.  It is surprisingly easy to make, and can be done with either fresh or canned tomatoes.   It is often served in a sour-dough bread bowl...

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  3. Top 10 Fantastic British Dessert Recipes

    Top 10 Fantastic British Dessert Recipes

    Illustration There are many great British recipes that were invented by accident and became so well-liked that the dishes developed into a part of British tradition. Still, some recipes were passed on from one generation to the next and...

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  4. Basic Scones Recipe

    Basic Scones Recipe

    Scones with butter and strawberry jam Of the many great British recipes to experiment with, one for scones is a wonderful choice. Why? One reason is that scones are a typical British side dish and snack. But also they can...

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