christmas baking

  1. Easy Christmas Desserts

    Easy Christmas Desserts

    Rice Krispie Christmas Trees Christmas is drawing near, and you will soon be faced with party invitations or family gatherings. Many Christmas parties focus only on desserts, like cookie swaps. Others will give you an option of what you...

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  2. Spicing Up Shortbread for the Holidays

    Spicing Up Shortbread for the Holidays

    Shortbread Cookies With beginnings in Medieval Scotland and England, Shortbread was once a luxury reserved for special occasions, such as weddings and New Year's feasts. It is now perhaps associated primarily with Christmas. But its beginnings were

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  3. Candy Canes Culinary Adventures

    Candy Canes Culinary Adventures

    Candy Cane You can't have too many candy canes. Whether you use candy cane to decorate the Christmas tree or use in a variety of crafts, candy canes make the Christmas season sizzle with festivity. But looking pretty is...

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  4. Christmas Baking Ideas

    Christmas Baking Ideas

    The holidays would not be complete without some delicious Christmas baking for your upcoming holiday parties. It's a great time to crank up the oven to warm your home with the smell of homemade treats. There are so many Christmas recipes...

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