cranberry sauce

  1. Cranberry and Berry Compote

    Cranberry and Berry Compote

    The inspiration There is another Holiday favorite that begs to be enjoyed this season, the beloved cranberry.  I welcome the tartness of this royal red orb and love these with the fall seasonal apples.   I am always open to...

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  2. Don't Forget the Cranberries!

    Don't Forget the Cranberries!

    Cranberries With the holidays coming up, it is the perfect time to incorporate a festive winter fruit: cranberries. Besides being tart and tasty, cranberries offer a multitude of health benefits as well. Luckily, they are easily incorporated into sa

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  3. Make Your Cranberry Sauce Sizzle With Flavor

    Make Your Cranberry Sauce Sizzle With Flavor

    Cranberries You can’t imagine turkey without the cranberry sauce. It’s a match made in heaven and no one should attempt to break the bond. A good cranberry sauce can elevate the turkey. Make it right and your meal becomes...

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