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  1. What is a Braiser? How Does It Differ From a Dutch Oven?

    What is a Braiser? How Does It Differ From a Dutch Oven?

    A braiser is a wide, heavy bottomed pan with a tight fitting lid. It has shallow sides that are usually sloped. Its wider bottom allows you to sear a large cut of meat. It is made of a heavy duty material...

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  2. What is...an Egg In A Mug?

    What is...an Egg In A Mug?

    Breakfast Are you in a rush but don’t want to eat another breakfast bar? I have a great idea for you on those hectic mornings when you want something more substantial but don’t have a lot of time. Let...

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  3. What Is Remoulade?

    What Is Remoulade?

    Coalfish with Remoulade Remoulade is a mayonnaise- or aioli-based sauce that is popular with seafood and fish. Remoulade is similar to tartar sauce, though it is arguably a little more flavorful. It often contains paprika or horseradish, and those..

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  4. What is...Shawarma

    What is...Shawarma

    Shawarma Sandwiches Sometimes on TV or in magazines you see the popular dishes at restaurants advertised. For the most part you might recognize the name of the special dish, sometimes you might not. Here's a little look at a...

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  5. What is A Mother Sauce

    What is A Mother Sauce

    A Variety of Sauces What is... a mother sauce? A mother sauce is one of the five sauces that are used as a base to make many other secondary sauces. The five mother sauces are: Béchamel- This basic sauce is...

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