5 of September’s Best Seasonal Recipes

Between summer’s last offerings and fall’s early arrivals, September’s harvest brings an abundance of delicious riches. This is terrific news — both for those trying to eat healthier, as well as for farm-to-table fans. With so many options, you may still be wondering…Wat’s for dinner? Or breakfast? Or lunch? Let us help by pointing you in the direction of some of the season’s most scrumptious recipes.

Seasonal recipes

Why not turn everyday pancakes into works of art?


1. Squash Gratin

Two types of squash, cheese, and plenty of garlicky goodness are just a few of the ingredients that make this one such a winner. And while the recipe may seem ingredient heavy, it’s worth it: not only is the flavor profile exceptionally well-balanced, but the actual prep time is low meaning you can mix it up, pop it in the oven, and move on:

Aside from softening the squash in the microwave, this is an easy one-pan meal — particularly with the right ovenproof skillet.

2. Parmesan Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes from Swiss Woods

Summer’s end doesn’t have to mean the end of tasty tomatoes. In fact, many heirloom varieties are enjoying last hurrahs thanks to sunny, still-warm days. Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast Inn, a beloved Pennsylvania Amish dining destination, uses the finest, freshest, local ingredients to serve up simple dishes which pack an anything-but-simple punch.

Just halve red and yellow cherry tomatoes, mix with panko, Parmesan, herbs and spices, and spoon into ramekins. Drizzle with olive oil, then pop in the oven for a meal that simultaneously heralds summer’s end and autumn’s entrance.

3. Alton’s Baked Apples

From fresh off the branch to apple pie everything in between, September means nothing quite as much as it means apples. Good Eats fans describe Alton Brown’s 5-Star Food Network recipe as “heavenly” and “to-die-for.” As if these aren’t reason enough to make this divine dessert, how about the fact that it’s incredibly easy to make? Whether serving it up for your family or as the glorious finale to a dinner party, this one is sure to impress — both in taste and presentation.

Just core the apples using a paring knife, place on a baking sheet, fill with honey and ingredients like brown sugar, cinnamon and butter, and bake. Warm, gooey deliciousness awaits.

Seasonal recipes

The right vessel makes for a gorgeous gratin.


4. Pumpkin Pancakes with Sweet Apple Cider Syrup

Fall flavors: they’re not just for dinner. Nothing says fall festivity like pumpkins, and this delightful treat is the perfect rib-sticking morning meal thanks to its light fluffy texture and distinctive flavors.

For an extra-special touch and magazine page-worthy result, use our Nonstick Heart Pancake Egg Rings.

5. Cumin-Scented Eggplant With Pomegranate And Cilantro

If healthy eating is on your agenda this fall, this Mediterranean-inspired meal offers an alternative to cheesy, creamy casseroles. Earthy eggplant and piquant pomegranate are packed with antioxidants, while nutty cumin infuses the dish with refined, rich flavor. (Helpful hint: don’t skip soaking the eggplant slices; this removes the bitterness.)

But squash, tomatoes, apples, pumpkin and eggplant are only a few examples of what fall has to offer. From beans and beets to fennel and figs, what will you be cooking up this season? Shop Cilantro The Cooks Shop for a comprehensive collection of cookware, bakeware and kitchenware for the gourmet home cook to get on track to enjoying a delicious fall.


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