Cold Press Coffee – A Less Acidic Solution



For many coffee drinkers, heartburn is just a problem that comes with the territory. Hot coffee is a naturally acidic drink that can worsen problems with heartburn, acid reflux, and upset stomachs. But by brewing coffee in room temperature water instead of hot, the amount of acid can be greatly reduced, resulting in a smoother cup.

Cold press coffee is made by soaking the coffee grounds in room temperature water for an extended period of time, such as overnight. A ratio of 1 part coffee grounds to 4 parts water makes a good, strong mixture. After filtering it through a french press or coffee filter, you are left with coffee concentrate. It can be stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks.

This concentrate can be consumed as is for an espresso. It can also be mixed with boiling water for hot coffee, or mixed into your favorite iced coffee recipe. Cup by cup, you can enjoy your cold press coffee without suffering the acidic consequences. Beyond the cup, it can also be enjoyed in baking, or used to make ice cubes so that your next cup of iced coffee doesn’t dilute as the ice melts.

Cold press coffee has other benefits as well, such as less waste. Instead of brewing a whole pot of coffee all at once, and potentially having most of it go bad from sitting, cold-press coffee can be quickly made one cup at a time. The concentrate will keep in the fridge, and adding hot water cup by cup means less fresh-brewed coffee wasted.

Brewing coffee in cool water also allows more of the delicate flavor notes of coffee to come through than when it is brewed hot. It is naturally sweeter, lightening the load of added sugars and artificial sweeteners in each cup. By eliminating the acidic bitterness, there is more room for those fruity, chocolaty undertones. It also doesn’t change flavor when it cools like hot-brewed coffee – the flavor profile is not only more discernible, but longer lasting, too.

If you have been frustrated with the down-sides of hot coffee lately, cold press is something you want to look into. A simple technique with complex flavors and a plethora of uses, cold press coffee may be the innovative kick you’re looking for in your cup.

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Norman Meyler says:

I am so glad I come across this. I will sure try this method. Hot coffee in the US, especially from coffee shops are so acidic, you have to use more sweetners than the coffee itself

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