Expert Interview Series: Suzy Cacic of About Baking With Passion


Suzy Cacic is the Founder of multiple award-winning lifestyle websites, including Better Baking Bible. Recently, Suzy sat down with us to share her thoughts on baking, Croatian cuisine, and the importance of using real ingredients.

Tell us a little about yourself. Why did you choose to start Better Baking Bible?

I started Better Baking Bible because of my passion for baking, cake decorating, and trying out new recipes. I made so many beautiful treats that it was a shame not to photograph them and share them with the world!

Since you’re a native Croatian, tell us a little bit about Croatian cuisine and what desserts or treats you make that have Croatian influences.

Croatian cakes, treats, and desserts are fairly easy to make and there is a lot of no-bake recipes. Some of my favorites that I feature on my blog are the Lamingtons, Madarica, and Kremsnita (cream cake).

On your blog, you say you love baking multi-layer cakes. Is that difficult to do?

Multi-layer cakes aren’t that difficult to make; they are just time consuming. Sometimes, if the wrong cream is used or if it is too runny, your whole cake can turn into a mudslide and fall apart. An easy work-around to this is to freeze your cake layers and chill your cream filling or icing, which makes it much easier to assemble.

It seems like baking isn’t as prevalent today as it was a generation or two ago. Do you think baking is becoming a lost art?

When I read modern recipes, I notice that they are full of sugar and cheap ingredients. Making icing out of whipped sugar and butter is fast and easy, but it isn’t healthy and doesn’t taste too great. My mother recently showed me an antique cookbook full of amazing recipes made up of real ingredients. I was surprised to see they made cake fillings by cooking milk, butter, eggs, and a tiny bit of sugar. That’s what real baking is about – not whipping together a few cheap raw ingredients.

If someone wanted to bake something that would wow his or her family or friends, but isn’t that difficult to make, what would you suggest?

I would definitely suggest making Lamingtons. There are delicious and look impressive. but are surprisingly so easy to make!

What’s your all-time favorite baking recipe?

My all-time favorite recipe that I have made over and over again (because everyone asks me to make it!) is probably my marble banana bread. It’s so moist and delicious, plus it can sit for a while – if it lasts that long!

When you’re baking in the kitchen, what bakeware, tools, and utensils do you use most often?

My mixer, spatula, wooden spoon, and mixing bowl.

What mixer, gadget, or appliance helps make baking a whole lot easier for you?

I use a hand-held mixer, which I think is a must-have in any kitchen.

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