1. Brunch Ideas: How to Plan for a Bridal Shower Brunch

    Brunch Ideas: How to Plan for a Bridal Shower Brunch

    The article which follows provides the event organizer a detailed list of items needed in order to make a Bridal Shower Brunch successful. This is one of those type of brunch ideas that is not considered; until the bride-to-be...

    The article which follows provides the event organizer a detailed list of items needed in order to make a Bridal Shower Brunch successful. This is one of those type of brunch ideas that is not considered; until the bride-to-be realizes due to the relative pace of her lifestyle and acquaintances that a wedding shower lunch proves too lengthy or too leisurely. Brunch is the perfect way to meet the needs of acquaintances and family members with hectic lifestyles; and can be just as memorable as a leisurely lunch.

    It makes perfect sense that if an individual is planning to host a bridal shower for an acquaintance or friend to also make plans for a brunch. This makes the social occasion all the more bright and unique. However, even though the idea is good, many persons hosting a shower would not know where to begin in planning for such an event. The following article provides all the details required in order to incorporate the brunch into the wedding shower! Also check out our article on Brunch Ideas for a Post Wedding Brunch!

    Table of Sweet Treats
    Table of Sweet Treats

    An Important Point prior to the Planning Stages of the Bridal Shower Brunch for the Organizer to Consider:

    Many well-intended persons get so caught up in the planning stages of the wedding shower and brunch that one important point is forgotten. Before proceeding with the planning stages of the brunch, the organizer is wise to consider any diet restrictions of the soon to be bride. This is necessary when putting together the menu for the brunch. Also, with the wedding fast approaching, the bride-to-be is probably very conscious about her weight--making proper menu planning all the more important. With respect to the wedding shower, it is best defined as a bridal party. The bride-to-be is given many presents. The gifts she receives are necessary in order that she may receive a good start in setting up her new living arrangements. The shower, too, is an event where acquaintances, friends and family of the soon to be bride are able to get together in a happy and relaxed atmosphere and enjoy quality time with each other. As is apparent, any person involved in the planning stages of such an event has the responsibility of assuring everything goes off as planned. This requires that the shower organizer is precise down to the last detail. The shower and brunch must be events, that in the end, prove extremely memorable for the bride-to-be and her friends and family members.

    Formal facts:

    The bridal shower event is normally hosted around three to six weeks prior to the wedding. However, the organizer of the shower does not need to follow this formal rule to the letter. During current times, showers are generally planned according to what is convenient for the soon to be bride. Also, as already alluded to in the introduction, any organizer, planning a wedding shower and brunch is wise to consider the lifestyles of the participants.  The lifestyles of the guests are generally very fast paced. It makes little sense to organize a lunch which is highly elaborate and leisurely.  The wedding shower brunch, then, works best with regard to the guests' and the soon to be bride's faster-paced lifestyles.  Also, many shower organizers are not aware of it at first, especially if they have not given a shower for awhile, but the wedding shower brunch is currently very popular.

    An organizer of a wedding shower brunch simply needs some helpful tips and a checklist in order to assure the event is memorable and successful. Basic steps relative to planning a wedding shower brunch follow:

    1. The organizer of the wedding shower, after determining a budget, talks to the bride. He or she takes notes with respect to specific requests--made by the bride-to-be. It is the objective of the organizer to assure the soon to be bride is happy with every aspect of the shower and brunch.
    2. The organizer puts together a guest list for the event(s) which for the time-being is considered tentative.
    3. The organizer decides upon where the event is to be held; and if necessary, books it.
    4. A theme is decided upon.

    Long-term planning is essential. The plan proposed within the article makes provision for long-term planning arrangements.

    Pick a Theme
    Pick a Theme

    Two months prior to the wedding shower brunch:

    Two months prior to the wedding shower brunch the organizer sends out invitations. The activities that follow are performed directly after the invitations are sent to the persons on the guest list:

    1.  The decorations are selected according to the theme selected;
    2. The organizer calls all of the bridesmaids together and everyone decides what foods to include on the menu of the wedding shower brunch.  (It is important that the organizer assures the foods on the menu are relative to the theme of the brunch.)
    3. The organizer takes the bride-to-be aside and makes arrangements for a day where the foods included on the menu are reviewed. This requires that the bride to be tastes each of the food items on the menu in order to assure everything is what she expects.
    4.  The event manager calls the caterers of the brunch, in this case, and finalizes what is included on the menu;
    5. Naturally, the event organizer is wise to ask the bride-to-be to now register for gifts which she requires at the store of her choice (what about Cilantro The Cooks shop?). All of the preceding activities, it must be stressed, once again, occur two months prior to the wedding shower brunch. Careful planning is needed in order to assure everything goes well and as expected when the day arrives.

    One month prior to the wedding shower brunch:

    One month prior to the wedding shower brunch it is necessary for the organizer to get in contact with each and every person who has yet to respond to his or her invitation--previously sent. After it is determined which persons plan on being in attendance for the planned event it will be much easier to provide the caterer or the person putting together the foods for the brunch with a better head count. Following are the activities which need to follow just after contacting individuals who have not yet responded to the wedding shower brunch invitations.

    1. The person doing the baking and cooking or caterer is provided with a final head count by the organizer of the event;
    2. The organizer shops for decorations or rents them, according to what makes the most sense;
    3. Party games are reviewed and decided upon by the organizer(s); arrangements are made with regard to requirements of the activities which will happen during the event.
    4. The organizer puts together a musical playlist.
    5. Finally, shopping is arranged and carried out for the soon-to-be-bride's dress or apparel for the party.

    Two weeks prior to the wedding shower brunch:

    The next sequence of event planning and activities happens two weeks prior to the bridal shower/brunch.

    The first activity of the organizer; two weeks prior to the events is purchase of the shower gift for the soon-to-be bride. After the gift is decided upon and purchase is made; the next series of activities subsequently takes place:

    1. The organizer decides upon her or his apparel for the wedding shower brunch;
    2. The spirits for the occasion are purchased: that is if the guests on the list prefer inclusion of alcoholic beverages;
    3. The planner assures that all food items considered non-perishable are purchased well before the event occurs; and,
    4. The organizer purchases the party favors, and places his or her signature on the thank you notes.

    Table Decoration
    Table Decoration

    One week prior to the wedding shower brunch:

    At this point, the event is fast approaching. One week prior to the wedding shower brunch, the event organizer confirms the reservation at the venue where the event is to be hosted. Once the reservation is confirmed at the venue, the following activities take place:

    1. The organizer assures the flowers for the occasion which are part of the decorations are ordered; and,
    2. Groceries and other items necessary for the event are purchased.

    Three days prior to the brunch:

    Three days before the wedding shower brunch occurs the organizer begins the process of decorating the venue where she is hosting the event. Once the organizer is in the stages of decorating the event hall or other venue, the following activities are carried out:

    1. The party favors for the guests are assembled;
    2. The organizer decides upon the arrangement of the tables and how each table is set; and,
    3. Preparations are made with respect to party games and other associated event activities.

    One day prior to the wedding shower brunch:

    The day prior to the planned wedding shower brunch is important. The organizer, at this phase, assures the tables are properly set and everything is as expected.

    Food Presentation is Everything
    Food Presentation is Everything

    Final Notes:

    Menu Planning:  The food provided at any planned event is what guests are likely to remember most. The food must taste very good and its presentation needs to be superb. Once again, the way the food is presented is very important. The objective is to assure that the food items provided gives the party a sense of elegance. The best foods to serve for a wedding shower brunch, from a general standpoint, are delicious finger foods, desserts that prove exquisite, salads and delicious main courses. All of the general food items mentioned are the kinds of foods well-suited for a wedding shower brunch. Also, it is right to mention, that anyone can be a good cook or caterer, however, if foods are not properly presented or events not planned with a timeline in mind, then certainly no one will be in a position to enjoy the tasty or elegent dishes which the caterer or cook prepares. The organizer makes it a point to assure everything that evolves around the food items and dishes served at the event goes off without a "hitch."

    One tip worth mentioning:

    Games at the bridal shower are sure to liven up the general mood of the event. It is wise that the organizer, assure, once all the guests to the event have made their appearances that any game activity with respect to the shower begins. The event games are best conducted prior to the brunch and then resumed after the meal. Conducting activities prior to the meal and then after gives the guests a period of relaxation--in way of the brunch. Also, resuming activities after the brunch provides the guests something encouraging to do after completion of the meal.

    Oh by the way:

    The organizer booking a venue in way of a banquet hall is wise to do so three to five months in advance. This way it is possible to attain a better rate.

    Last but not least:

    The organizer and guests must make it a point to have fun!  In order to find all the perfect essential items for the bride-to-be or a wedding shower brunch, the event organizer will wish to contact us. We are available, online, 24/7.  Organizing great Brunch Ideas and events, whatever the reason is all the more realizable when making use of products offered on the Cilantro site!

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  2. Brunch Ideas: Plan a Post Wedding Brunch!

    Brunch Ideas: Plan a Post Wedding Brunch!

    Brunch Table A post wedding brunch is the ideal post celebration with regard to honoring the newly married couple. The organizer is wise to include the event after the completion of a successful wedding ceremony and reception. Persons who...

    Brunch Table
    Brunch Table

    A post wedding brunch is the ideal post celebration with regard to honoring the newly married couple. The organizer is wise to include the event after the completion of a successful wedding ceremony and reception.

    Persons who like to cook and bake or organize events never mind thinking up new ways to serve brunch. Brunch is ideal for relaxing, getting together with family and friends, and generally finding time to unwind from busy schedules. Since weddings are seriously stressful for many, especially the bride and the organizers: Does it not make sense to have a Post Wedding Brunch? The brunch is a great idea for the newly married bride: It provides her time to pause and get even better acquainted with her in-laws, their acquaintances and, perhaps, renew bonds with her own family and friends. The question remains: How does the new bride and her post brunch organizers go about planning for the event? The following article provides the reader with many practical tips and suggestions in order to host such a gathering.

    Brunch etiquette is very important:

    The primary underlying idea of hosting a post wedding brunch is for the new bride and groom to spend quality time with the guests who attended the wedding. The new bride is also advised to invite persons who could not make the wedding date due to prior commitments--that is if it makes sense to do it. The post wedding brunch is a good time to finally unwind after months of wedding planning. The environment of the post wedding brunch is laid-back.

    There are many questions that first come to mind in planning a post wedding brunch such as:

    1) Who is the individual who pays for the brunch? and 2) Who are the individuals that should definitely receive invitations?

    The questions are best addressed by referring to the general rules of etiquette. The hosts of a post wedding brunch are generally the parents of either the bride or groom. The rule though is not one that is formal. Trends have made it possible for the brunch organizer to be flexible with regard to the hosts of the post wedding brunch. This is to say the bride and groom can host the affair and pay for it if they wish. Naturally, holding a post wedding brunch is a terrific way for the bride and groom to say thank you to all their guests who attended the wedding. Persons who are close friends of the bride and groom can also host and pay for the post wedding brunch or a combination of the bride's friends and groom's friends. In way of the guest list, it is best fo r the organizer to invite close friends and family of the bride and groom and guests who are from out of town. After making the decision who hosts the brunch and its location, other details must be addressed.

    The details include:

    1. The time and day of the post wedding brunch;
    2. the food items on the post wedding brunch menu; and
    3. the arrangements with respect to producing and sending out invitations.

    The best way to address the post wedding brunch details is to look at each detail on an individual basis. Since location was mentioned first yet not listed in the number series above: the venue of the brunch or its location is discussed first.


    What is the best location for a post wedding brunch?

    The host or organizer is wise to consider that the location of a post wedding brunch is a matter which is very flexible. This is to say: the selection of a location is the preference of the host since it can be as elegant or casual as desired. A casual way to go with respect to the brunch is the backyard of the host--that is if the backyard is large enough to entertain guests. Another causal option is to make use of the hotel where the guests stayed during the wedding event. A popular park, an interesting eatery--even a town diner are all possible ideas. On the more elegant side: a chateau may be a worthwhile option. In fact, there are a good many options for the organizer to think about. However, when it comes down to hosting a successful brunch: it is best to choose a location that does not present a great deal of travel difficulty for guests. The latter consideration is extremely important, especially since many guests will start to feel tired from all of the recent eve nts. The venue of the post wedding brunch should not prove difficult either in way of finding it on a map. The post wedding brunch venue needs to be firmed up well in advance in order that it can be appropriately decorated in good time and in order for other important arrangements and details to be successfully carried out.

    The wording on the post wedding brunch invitations is of prime importance:

    The type of invitation is completely up to the organizer of the event. This is to say invitations can come by way of telephone communication; a note written by hand, or even email correspondence. The choice of communication, once again, is up to the host. The best choice is probably an elegant invitation with words which come across as lovely and sincere. The organizer scratching his or her head for ideas with regard to wording on the post wedding brunch invitations might appreciate and try using words similar in nature to the examples which follow:

    Example one:

    Summer has arrived, and we are prepared to enjoy the weather outside. . . Find a floppy sun hat if you wish, and join us for a delightful tea and hors d'oeuvres in our garden.

    The day and date of the Tea,

    Precise location of the garden venue;

    Hosted By: Name of the post wedding brunch/tea host

    Example two:

    Let us get together and shower the married couple with generosity: We are throwing the newly married couple a post wedding event in way of a post wedding brunch; and would greatly appreciate your attendance.

    Please join the celebration on:

    Date and time at specific venue;

    Name of post wedding brunch host

    Example three (a more formal announcement):

    We request your company in celebration and honor of the newly married couple. Please join us on date and day for a casual post wedding brunch at (selected venue).

    We look most forward to seeing you at the post wedding brunch.

    It is considerate too to mention the manner of dress. The preceding detail is exceedingly important since many guests are generally uncertain what to wear to different events unless a dress code is mentioned inside the invitation.

    Suggested menus for a post wedding brunch follow:

    The food items selected for the post wedding brunch are very significant, especially for the organizer who wants his or her party to come off as a success. Generally, the organizer for the post wedding brunch is the same person who hosted the wedding shower brunch. This is to say, the organizer may have come up with some food items for the wedding shower brunch and is all the more confident, then, in putting together a post wedding brunch menu. The brunch which is held closer to the earliest portion of the day will require some breakfast items. A post wedding brunch which is hosted closer to the noon hour can include menu items relative to a theme such as a Barbecue; or include spirits-- that is if the guests enjoy drinks such as cocktails with their meals. In other words, the wise organizer realizes what he or she places on the menu must be consistent to the time of day when the brunch is held. The menus, then, that follow consist of a 1) Menu for a breakfast post wedding brunch; 2) Menu for a cocktail-style brunch; and 3) Menu for a casual style Barbecue brunch.

    Breakfast menu:

    1) Coffee and tea; fruit smoothie, juice, and milk

    2) Crepes, waffles, muffins, and

    3) A breakfast casserole and omelets

    Cocktail menu:


    1) Cocktails of choice;

    2) French toast;

    3) Asparagus fritti;

    4) Creme fraiche blini;

    5) Miniature quiches;

    6) Angel food cake

    7) Apple pie with walnuts

    Barbecue menu:

    1) Beer, martinis, or bloody mary cocktails

    2) Steak,

    3) Hamburgers,

    4) Hot dogs

    5) Corn on the cob,

    6) Potato salad

    7) Coleslaw,

    8) Bread and rolls

    Naturally, the food items listed above are a small list of options for a post wedding brunch. The best way to put together the menu is for the organizer to select the food items he or she most prefers in combination. It is also possible for the organizer to use the recommended menu items and substitute certain food items for items which seem more appropriate. In example, if a good deal of the guests prefer chicken, then it may be a good plan to add grilled chicken to the Barbecue menu or even fish. It is important that the organizer consider the preferences of the guests, in addition to what is appealing to his or her own palate when putting together the menu.

    Decorations for the post wedding brunch:

    After purchasing all of the items necessary for the brunch, many organizers will wish to economize on the decorations. The organizer of the post wedding brunch is in a terrific position to do it. Decorations that were previously used at the wedding could be used for the post event. In example, wedding flowers, the centerpieces and other accessories which are still in a condition considered favorable can be recycled. The organizer must not be hesitant about making use of the decorations from the prior event. Some organizers may think that making use of the decorations from the other event may seem a bit too frugal: however, this is not true. Additionally, the post wedding brunch is made much more casual and inviting when the organizer makes arrangements for some light mood music to be played in the background. Again, the underlying idea of the post wedding brunch is for everyone to unwind and have a wonderful time.

    In conclusion, it is important, then, that the bride and groom and friends and family not only enjoy a terrific marriage ceremony and reception; but also fully enjoy the day after the newly married couple have happily "tied the knot." In order to assure the post wedding brunch is a grand success; the smart organizer knows he or she can contact us online, day or night. The store has all the right essentials in assuring the best dishes or menu items are cooked to absolute perfection.  Also look to us for future great Brunch Ideas posted right here on our blog.

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  3. Wedding on a Budget: 5 Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Cake

    Wedding on a Budget: 5 Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Cake

    Wedding Cake It is no secret that planning a wedding can be both stressful and expensive. Fortunately, by applying simple money-saving strategies such as making your own wedding cake, planning your upcoming nuptials does not have to break the...

    Wedding Cake
    Wedding Cake

    It is no secret that planning a wedding can be both stressful and expensive. Fortunately, by applying simple money-saving strategies such as making your own wedding cake, planning your upcoming nuptials does not have to break the bank. While making your own cake may seem intimidating, by using some basic cake-baking techniques and following these five tips, you can make a wedding cake that is both simple and elegant.

    Use the Best Bakeware

    Whatever shape or size you choose for your wedding cake, using quality bakeware is a worthwhile investment. Even with the purchasing costs of durable aluminum cake sheets and rounds, you will still save money by making a cake rather than paying a professional. Look for sturdy aluminum, non-stick cake pans that allow for well-defined cake layers as well as easy cleanup. Other investment-worthy cake essentials include a standing mixer, cake boards, frosting bags and tips, and a cake display stand.

    Choose a Flavor You Both Love

    When creating your ideal wedding cake, remember the way the cake tastes is just as important as the way it looks. Your options for cake flavors are endless, and there is no need to be bound to traditionally used flavors such as vanilla or chocolate. Brainstorm with your future spouse to pick the flavor that will make you both happy. This is also an opportunity to get sentimental by having your cake flavor reflect something about the two of you. If you met in a coffee shop, for example, consider choosing a delicious coffee flavor. Also consider other flavors such as meringue, red velvet or strawberry.

    Find a Stress-Free Recipe

    Illustration Photo
    Illustration Photo

    A wedding cake does not have to be complicated to be delicious and aesthetically pleasing. After choosing your ideal flavor, find a recipe that is

    stress-free and relatively simple. Don’t be afraid to use a recipe you have used before. Perhaps you have a specialty cake you are known for that will be simple to whip up and then decorate for your special day. The stress of combining off-the-wall ingredients and following foreign-baking

    instructions will do little to preserve your sanity, and simple recipes are often just as tasty as complicated ones.

    Get Creative With the Frosting

    One of the reasons making wedding cakes looks so intimidating is they are often covered in fondant. While this is still a viable option, you may also consider other frosting alternatives. It is possible to make an attractive wedding cake without using fondant, and alternative frosting ideas can be tastier as well. You can whip up a simple cream-cheese frosting or turn to the versatility of whipped cream. Whipped cream is an excellent choice as it is easy to apply and really enhances a cake’s appearance.You may also want to consider ditching frosting all together and simply apply whipped cream between the cake layers for a unique and edgy look. Finish it off by sprinkling powdered sugar or cocoa over the cake layers.

    Find Classy, Inexpensive Decorations

    Decorating your cake is another way to get creative without putting a hole in your pocket book. Consider adding fresh fruit like strawberries to decorate your cake for a clean and elegant look. You may also add a little bling by sprinkling your cake with a touch of edible glitter. Simply combine granulated sugar with food coloring and bake in an oven preheated to 350 degrees for 10 minutes. This can be a fun and attractive addition to your homemade wedding creation.

    Illustration Photo
    Illustration Photo

    A wedding on a budget does not have to mean forgetting a delicious and attractive wedding cake. Follow these five tips to create a stress-free and elegant cake for your upcoming nuptials.

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