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Whether for cheese or meat or more, if you’re looking for raclettes Cilantro The Cooks Store has what you need.  We carry only the finest in raclettes for our discerning customers.  When you hear names like Swissmar, you know that’s quality.

Like the Swissmar 8-Person Swivel Raclette Party Grill, its non-stick surface is perfect for meats and veggies, sandwiches, and even dessert crêpes.  It heats up fast, and it swivels for convenience.  Great for raclette enthusiasts! Then may we recommend the Swissmar Hammered Cast Iron Raclette, with a non-stick reversible grill and a variable heat control.  It is 1200 watts for quick heating, and includes 8 heat resistant spatulas, raclette, and dishes.

Last but not least we have the Swissmar Red Granite Raclette, which plugs into an outlet, allowing you to cook at the table with your guests.  The base of the appliance heats up for use of the 8 raclette pans, and it has a granite top to allow you to chop food directly on the cooking surface.  The durable granite top takes a bit longer to heat up, but it cooks all the same foods, and is also great for pizzas and fajitas!

Before making your raclette decision, please be read the descriptions of each product to help you choose the raclette that will suit you best. If you want some help on finding out what item is the best for you, Google “raclette reviews” to find what others thought of the items they purchased. Don’t hesitate to call our knowledgeable sales team at our toll-free number:  1-888-617-3418, if you have any questions or concerns about the raclette we carry. Don’t forget that we provide free shipping on all purchases within Canada and the Continental USA on orders that are $100.00 or more!

Browse our selection of raclette now by selecting an item or searching our online store for a specific item to see what options we can offer you.


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Nouvel Raclette Cheese Heat Metal Red
Create wonderful moments by cooking out of the kitchen with the Nouvel Raclette Cheese Heat Metal Re..
C$32.00 CAD
Swissmar Reversible Cast Iron Grill Plate Replacement ..
C$56.95 CAD
Swissmar Silver Cast Iron Raclette
The silver finish on this Swissmar Silver Cast Iron Raclette makes it look elegant enough for any ta..
C$140.00 CAD

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