Cuisinart 2 Quart Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet Maker

C$ 130.00

When you are in the mood for some frozen yoghurt or ice cream late in the night and the neighborhood shops are all closed, the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Frozen Yoghurt – Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker has got your back. Now churn up your favorite treats, mix your favorite frozen drinks, or whip up your desired frozen yoghurt with remarkable ease. Made from brushed stainless steel, this ice cream maker has a distinct and elegant look, adding to the décor of the kitchen. With a capacity of up to 2 quarts or 1.9 liters, it can deliver enough treats for your entire family’s sweet tooth to be satiated. Be it a rich homemade ice cream sundae or a fruity, colorful sorbet, it churns up these treats with equal aplomb. 

The ice cream maker comes with a powerful, heavy-duty motor ensuring that these treats get ready in 25 minutes or less. Drop the required ingredients into the insulated freezer bowl, and the motor will take care of the rest. The mixing arm will mix and aerate the ingredients in the bowl to create your favorite yoghurt or drinks. The transparent easy-lock lid will let you watch the freezing process as it happens. Furthermore, the double insulated wall of the freezer bowl will keep it cool at even temperatures. Once you are done churning up your desired treats, dismantle the Sorbet maker into the freezer bowl, the mixer and the lid for easy cleaning. The mixer and the lid are dishwasher safe, whereas the freezer bowl can be easily washed by hands. Ideal for a family dinner or a friendly party, the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Frozen Yoghurt – Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker will guarantee a sweet, delicious ending to your meals. 

Key Features of the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Frozen Yoghurt – Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker:

  • 2 Quarts (1.9 L) Capacity: helps you make enough treats for the entire family in one go
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Construction: is long lasting and durable
  • Fully Automatic: will churn up treats easily
  • Heavy Duty Motor: makes frozen yoghurt, ice cream, sorbet, or frozen drinks in under 25 minutes
  • Large Spout: enables you to add ingredients without spilling
  • Double Insulated Freezer Bowl: freezes ingredients evenly for consistent results
  • Transparent Easy-lock Lid: enables you to oversee the process of freezing 
  • Easy Maintenance: Mixer arm and lid are dishwasher safe; hand wash freezer bowl
  • Warranty: 3 year limited warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Brushed stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 8.00" x 11.25" 
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Capacity: 2 qt.
  • Recipe Book: Included
  • Instruction Book: Included
  • Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
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