Cuisinart 220W White 7 Speed Hand Mixer

C$ 80.00
SKU: iHM-70C

Mixing heavy ingredients will no longer be a cumbersome task in the kitchen thanks to the Cuisinart 220W White 7 Speed Hand Mixer. Blending the ingredients perfectly into a smooth mix, this 7 speed hand blender has a powerful motor that utilizes 220 watts of power and provides the advantage of automatic feedback. Cutting through tough cookie dough or frozen butter is easy and effortless with this hand blender! Changing the speed settings is quick with just a single touch to change the settings. Providing maximum comfort and unfaltering balance, it gives you a strain-free grip and precision control. Ensuring a jerk-free and smooth start, the beaters start spinning very slowly to prevent the foods from splashing outside. The three low mixing speeds give you better control when you are mixing or folding the dry ingredients. 

Have both the beaters in place and tightly set? Plug the hand blender to the power outlet and click the one-push on/off switch to start the appliance. Voila! Now you can begin digging the beaters into the shortbread or biscotti ingredients and start forming the dough in quick time. The LED speed display shows easy to read digital speed settings. When you want to create stiff peaks on the egg whites or add volume to whipped cream, you can use the chef’s whisk. The beaters are extra long to let you carry out all your mixing, blending, whipping tasks. The heel rest enables the mixer to rest comfortably on the countertop. Position the rotating swivel cord for ease of use in either the left or right hand. Make the best of the time you spend in the kitchen churning out one yummy dessert after another when you have the Cuisinart 220W White 7 Speed Hand Mixer.

Key Features of the Cuisinart 220W White 7 Speed Hand Mixer:

  • Powerful Motor with Automatic Feedback: of 220 wattage makes it adept at cutting smoothly through cookie dough or chilled and hard butter 
  • Maximum Comfort and Balance: for a strain-free grip, unmatched comfort and control
  • Smooth Start: the beaters start spinning slowly when the mixer is turned on to prevent the ingredients from splattering and messing the countertop
  • Super Long and Wide Beaters: enables superior mixing and whipping, and quick aerating
  • Ease of Cleaning: wipes clean in a jiffy
  • 3 Low Mixing Speeds: minimizes splattering of dry ingredients during mixing
  • Swivel Cord: makes it suitable for left and right handed use
  • Automatic Feedback: does not require a power boost with an electronic mechanism automatically feeds power when required
  • One-Step On/Off Switch: enables convenient single button operation 
  • One Touch Speed Control: lets you adjust the mixing speed and change it as required
  • LED Speed Display: shows digital settings which are easy to read
  • Heel Rest: enables the mixer to rest squarely on the countertop
  • Chef’s Whisk: with a 3" diameter to add volume to the whipped cream and create stiff peaks; beats egg whites to a fine texture
  • BPA Free: material to keep your foods and liquids safe from health hazards

Technical Specifications

  • Motor Wattage: 220 watt
  • Weight: 3.50 lbs.
  • Chef’s Whisk Diameter: 3"
  • Dimensions: 8.07" x 3.56" x 5.91"    
  • Cuisinart Logo: Chrome plated
  • Instruction and Recipe Book Included: Yes
  • Color: White
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty
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