Emile Henry Flame Top Roaster -.5L Red

C$ 119.95
SKU: i91670536

Whether you are a novice cook or a full fledged gourmet chef, the Emile Henry .5L Red Flame Top Roaster will help you take your cooking to new heights. This small ceramic roaster is perfect for everything from vegetarian lasagna to pot roast to grilled caramelized vegetables and moist cakes, making it the most versatile ceramic pan you will ever own.

This 15.6 inch roaster is hand crafted of Burgundy clay using the exclusive Flame Top technology. This innovative design allows you to cook directly over open flame, in the broiler, on the stove top at high heat, and even in the microwave with no cracking, discoloring, or breaking. The durable design can even handle going directly from the freezer to high heat without fear of thermal shock. 

Burgundy clay has amazing heat retention and distribution properties. This roaster evenly distributes the heat throughout the dish so you get even cooking throughout the dish. This results in more evenly cooked dishes that are thoroughly cooked, with better flavor throughout. You get perfectly browned, moist and tender meats that retain more of their natural flavor.

Emile Henry bakeware is made from all natural ingredients, making sure there are no dangerous chemicals like lead or other additives in your foods. The thick glaze ensures a smooth, non stick surface that is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Your stoneware bakeware is protected from odors being absorbed from the foods you cook, and is completely resistant to scratches, chips, and discoloration.

This Emile Henry small roaster is versatile enough to handle nearly any type of heat, including the microwave. You can use it for all of your baking, broiling, cook top, and grilling needs, and its beautiful design and coloring make a beautiful serving dish.

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