Emile Henry Flame Top Round Casserole - 1.8L Back

C$ 129.95
SKU: i91714518

Casseroles are one of the best comfort foods around, and the Emile Henry 1.8L black Flame Top Round Casserole dish will have you creating the most thoroughly cooked, flavorful, and moist meals for your family time and again. The beautiful design and black coloring will go great with your decor and table setting, so you can finally cook your meals and take them directly to the table.

Emile Henry uses French Burgundy clay coupled with Flame Top technology for a ceramic pot that is 30% lighter than other types of dishes, yet still provides impressive durability.  The clay is known for its heat distribution and retention properties, and allows you to cook directly on open flames, in the broiler or oven, or the cook top set to the highest setting without cracking, discoloring, or breaking, even if there are no ingredients in the pot!

This Emile Henry bakeware provides amazingly even, gentle heat distribution during cooking so that all ingredients are perfectly cooked whether you are slow cooking, browning, or braising. The lid features raised dots that trap and redistribute any evaporated juices during the cooking process so you end up with a more tender, flavorful, and moist dish every time.

This Emile Henry casserole dish can be taken directly from your freezer to the microwave or preheated oven or flame, without breaking or cracking. You can also use this as a beautiful serving dish that will keep your foods hot throughout the meal. Once you are finished, the non stick surface is easy to clean with just soap and water, or you can throw it in the dishwasher for even easier cleanup.

Emile Henry cookware bakeware is light, extremely durable, and provides you with perfectly cooked foods every time you use it.

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