Emile Henry Flame Top Round Casserole Dish - 1L Red

C$ 114.95
SKU: i91604510

The Emile Henry Flame Top Round Red Casserole Dish is the most versatile casserole dish you will ever purchase. This cookware bakeware is made from Burgundy Clay, which has been proven to be durable, and has amazing heat retention and heat distribution properties. This unique ceramic cookware features the Emile Henry Flame Top technology. This technology allows you to use this dish over gas flames, electric ranges, and halogen hobs without any fear of discoloration, cracking, or breaking. Even more, even if the pot is left on high heat with no ingredients in it, it still will not break or discolor.

The Burgundy clay creates a strong, durable product that will resist any kind of damage, and maintains a gentle even cooking temperature throughout the entire dish. There are no more burnt bits at the bottom, and every ingredient will be cooked perfectly. The Emile Henry Flame Top Round Red Casserole Dish can handle any temperature extremes, including going straight from the freezer into a hot broiler or burner. The beautiful red coloring also allows you to take the dish directly from the cooking surface to the table.  When used as a serving dish, you not only get the beautiful design, it also retains heat to keep your foods warm after they have finished cooking.

This cookware also features a lid that has raised dots or dimples on the underside. These dots and dimples catch all of the evaporated juices before they can escape, and redistributes them back into the food, rather than just dumping it down the sides like most other cookware does. This results in more flavorful, tender, and moist foods. No matter what type of foods you cook, this Emile Henry Casserole Dish is sure to become one of your most prized cooking utensils.

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