Emile Henry Flame Top Stewpot/Dutch Oven - 4L Black

C$ 190.00
SKU: i91714540

The Emile Henry Flame Top Black Stewpot/Dutch Oven brings ceramic cookware to a whole new level. The innovative Flame Top technology makes this the most versatile pot you will ever use. It is stronger, more durable, and lighter than the normal metal cookware, and enhances your cooking so you can serve dishes that are more flavorful than ever before.

This Emile Henry Dutch Oven is made from Burgundy clay from France, which is known for its amazing heat distribution and retention properties. The innovate Flame Top technology allows you to go straight from the freezer to a preheated oven or stove, without the fear of breakage from thermal shock. The Flame Top process also allows you to use this stewpot on direct flame at high temperatures, even with no ingredients in the pot. It will never discolor, crack, or break, and the non-stick surface ensures clean up is as easy as a simple wiping down with soap and water.

This Emile Henry cookware enhances your cooking by providing gentle, even heat distribution, which ensures your dishes are cooked perfectly throughout, without having to worry about any hot spots or areas that are not cooked as thoroughly. The gentle cooking process is perfect for slow cooking, browning, and braising, and makes sure every dish is as moist, flavorful, and tender as possible.

The Emile Henry Flame Top Black Stewpot/Dutch Oven lid also contributes to better cooking. The unique raised dots covering the underside of the lid trap any evaporated juices, and sends them right back into the food for supreme moistness and enhanced flavor. Whether you are a professional chef, or you just love preparing the best dishes possible for your familiy, the Emile Henry ceramic cookware and bakeware are sure to become your favorites.


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