Emile Henry Ruffled Square Baker, Fig, 9.5" x 9.5

C$ 40.00
SKU: i91372087

Can anyone imagine a more suitable dish in which to prepare and cook a delicate roasted fig dessert with brown sugar and cinnamon in a bubbling Chablis sauce than in the lusty Fig color of an Emile Henry square ruffled baker?  Parfait!  Bon appétit! The superlatives will just keep coming.

This ceramic cookware with its delightful, ruffled edges is as versatile as it can possibly be. It can withstand direct and immediate exposure to extremes of temperature from freezing to the highest oven heat, even the broiler, without care that it will crack or fade in luster. Made with Burgundy (France) red clay and fired with a pleasing fig-colored glaze, the ruffled square baker represents 150 years of materials and manufacturing excellence and attention to design detail and function unmatched by any competitor in the world.     

The construction of Emile Henry ceramic bakeware provides essential insulation and even heat distribution regardless of the ingredients in any recipe. It will always heat evenly to assure that the center of the dish is fully cooked and its edges are not over-cooked. It will be perfection. It will delight and amaze. It will demand use over and over again and retain its simple elegance to complement any meal and table setting. The ruffled baker can even go into the dishwasher, exposed to the most aggressive detergents and still retain its brilliant glaze.  Use it again and again and expect to prepare and present dishes with flare and pleasing taste.

The Emile Henry square ruffled baker has unequalled quality of performance and satisfaction of presentation whether used for braised or broiled meat, roasted potatoes, onions and tomatoes, casseroles and lasagna, or the favored fig compote.  After all, 150 years of Emile Henry excellence in ceramic cookware cannot be wrong.

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