Emile Henry Ruffled Square Baker, Nougat, 9.5" x 9.5

C$ 40.00
SKU: i91112087

The creamy caramel Nougat color of the Emile Henry square ruffled baker is the perfect foil for a bubbling cherry cobbler, hot from the oven and ready to be topped and served with French Vanilla ice cream. Is it not fitting for this unparalleled ceramic bakeware from France, n’est pas?  

Fabricated with Burgundy clay and fired with a heat-resistant glaze, the ruffled edges present a delicate frame for the rich, simmering hot, cherry red and golden pastry goodness it contains. What better presentation for a family-favorite dessert? How better could it be prepared, let alone presented?  Emile Henry bakeware has that deserved reputation and continues to enhance that reputation with every durable stoneware product crafted from its kilns.  

The construction of the Emile Henry square ruffled baker provides excellent insulation and even heat distribution regardless of the recipe. It will heat evenly and assure both the center of the meal and its edges are cooked to savory and sweet perfection. This ceramic cookware is so versatile, it can withstand extremes of temperature from freezing a prepared-in-advance dish to direct exposure to the highest oven heat, even under the broiler, without a single care that the ceramic will crack or that the glaze will diminish in its luster.

When the last morsel is scooped from the dish, the ruffled baker can go into the dishwasher and retain its brilliant glaze as rich and as inviting for its next use as when it was new. The strongest detergents will clean but not fade the beautiful Nougat finish. The durability and dependability of the Emile Henry square ruffled baker is unmatched in quality of performance whether used for entrees, side dishes, desserts, or even a low table setting floral display. This is the result of 150 years of Emile Henry excellence.

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