Emile Henry Square Dish, Granny Smith Apple, 9" x 9

C$ 30.00
SKU: i91752002

There will never be a better presented dish on your table than one prepared in an incredible Emile Henry square baking dish.  The Granny Smith Apple color of this ceramic bakeware is the perfect complement to an apple and cinnamon cobbler in a golden pastry.  But the magic of any recipe prepared in Emile Henry bakeware only begins with its subtle color. 

The glaze is tougher than its delicate appearance would suggest.  It is high-heat resistant and, with proper care, can be used daily without the fear of fading, chipping or scratching. Any cooked entrée, side dish or dessert will be enhanced just by its presentation in this simple but elegant cooking and serving dish. Made from durable French Burgundy clay, it can be taken from freezer to a hot oven at the highest setting without concern for cracking the dish. The ceramic cookware is designed with the purpose of achieving perfect insulation and even heat distribution.  Every recipe, whether braised meat, roasted vegetables, delicate pastries, creamy egg and cheese dishes or bubbling-sweet fruit cobblers will be heated to perfection from the edges to the center.

France’s Emile Henry manufacturers some of the most dependable cookware, bakeware, and kitchen accessories in the industry, and is world renowned by foodies and chefs everywhere. Carefully developed over 150 years by skilled craftsmen, each piece is made using just the right amount of clay and glaze creating that signature shiny finish. This Emile Henry square dish is ready for the most simple to the most highly complex of recipes and modes of preparation. Take it from the freezer to the oven, to the table and then the dishwasher and never worry that it is out of place or subject to fading or scratching with any of these activities during the life of this truly remarkable but simple baking dish. 

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