Emile Henry Square Ruffled Baker, Granny Smith Apple, 9.5" x 9.5

C$ 40.00
SKU: i91752087

Would an adventurous chef prepare a classic Quiche Lorraine in an Emile Henry square ruffled baker and still call it quiche? Of couse, it would not be prepared with the traditional presentation, but why not? Who says you can't bake an incredible quiche in a square ruffled baker?  

Made with Burgundy red clay and fired with a hard heat and scratch resistant glaze, the ruffled edges are perfect to support the pastry with a flare to accent the square rather than round presentation of the classic, family-pleasing quiche.  And if Dad prepared it for a special family Sunday brunch rather than Mom; so much the better. The disclaimer that real men do not eat quiche is wrong by 180 degrees. Real men make quiche and eat it, too!

The construction of the Emile Henry Square Ruffled Baker provides an even heat distribution. No matter what dish is prepared in Emile Henry bakeware, it will heat evenly and assure both the edges and the center are cooked to perfection. It is so versatile and strong, a dish such as potatoes au gratin can be prepared in advance in Emile Henry bakers and frozen, then deliver it directly to the oven, already heated at temperatures as high as residential ovens can be set, even the broiler setting, and cook the dish to its simmering, delightful conclusion without fear that it will crack. When the meal is finished, with the last bite as delicious as the first, the ruffled baker can be put in the dishwasher and come out with its brilliant glaze as rich as when it was first used.  The strongest detergents will clean, but will not mar or fade the finish.

The durability, dependability and presentation of an Emile Henry square ruffled baker has unparalleled quality of performance whether used by a kitchen novice or the professional chef. Buy a new Emile Henry ruffled baker today.

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