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Chicken Love Spice Rub 45g
The Epicentre Chicken Love spice mix is the perfect blend of spices that can add a flavor punch to y..
C$8.50 CAD
Chimichurri Blend 35g
Most nations have traditional spice blends they call their own, but Epicentre Chimichurri Blend is c..
C$8.50 CAD
Epicentre Herbes de Provence 16g
Every country/region has a spice blend to call its own and Epicentre Herbes de Provence is one such ..
C$8.50 CAD
Epicentre Zatar Middle Eastern Spice Blend 85g
Zatar is a traditional Middle Eastern aromatic spice mixture of sumac, thyme and white sesame seeds...
C$11.00 CAD
Everything Nice Premium Baking Spice 55g
Attention bakers: The Epicentre Everything Nice Premium Baking Spice is a wonderful mixture of aroma..
C$8.50 CAD
Fire and Brimstone Spice Rub
The Epicentre Fire and Brimstone Spice Rub is a unique blend of spices, created to tantalize your pa..
C$8.50 CAD
French Mustard and Herbs 40g
If it is roasts, beef or pork dishes you plan to whip up this weekend, then don’t forget to get your..
C$8.50 CAD
Ground Chipotle Chile 40g
Chilies are an integral part of Mexican cuisine and Epicentre Chile, Chipotle (Ground) brings you th..
C$8.00 CAD
Ground Galangal 30g
The Epicentre Galangal (Ground) is a unique spice predominantly used in various Asian cuisines like ..
C$7.50 CAD
Ground Jalapeno Chile 40g
If your recipes need that extra kick, then the Epicenter Jalepeno Chile (ground) is your best option..
C$9.50 CAD
Ground New Mexican Chile 40g
A fairly mild chile powder, good for everything from beef to fish. Often used as a base for sauces a..
C$8.00 CAD
Ground Persian Lime Loomi 30g
Prepare to pucker! This ground lime is the most intense citrus flavour we’ve found. Throughout the M..
C$9.50 CAD
Ground Roasted Cumin 65g
The Epicentre Roasted Cumin (Ground) provides an earthy, nutty fragrance to the food you prepare. Cu..
C$8.50 CAD
Ground Smoked Black Pepper 55g
If a dash of pepper can add flavor punch to your food, imagine what a pinch of Epicentre Smoked Blac..
C$9.70 CAD
Ground Sumac 30g
The meat you cook will never taste like before with the Epicentre Sumac (Ground). Sumac is a decorat..
C$7.50 CAD
Ground Twisted Tongues 40g
The Epicentre Twisted Tongues (Ground) is an extremely hot blend of habanero and delarbol chilies. T..
C$9.50 CAD
Hot & Tangy Madras Curry 35g
South Indian cuisine is notorious for its high spice levels and Epicentre Madras Curry can sure pack..
C$7.50 CAD
Hot Indian Reshampatti Chile 40g
Indian cuisine is never complete without the Epicentre Indian Reshampatti Chili (Hot). This fiery ho..
C$8.00 CAD
Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika 35g
Unlike the smoked sweet paprika, the Epicentre Smoked Paprika, Hot has a rich smoky aroma and a kick..
C$9.00 CAD
Indian Garam Masala 40g
Indian cuisine is famed for its use of spices and the Epicentre Garam Masala is a perfect example of..
C$7.50 CAD
Jamaican Jerk Spice Rub & Marinade, 50g
The Epicentre Jerk (Spice Rub and Marinade)is a powerhouse of flavors. Jerk cooking is a style of co..
C$8.50 CAD
Lavender 10g
The Epicentre Lavender has a sweet woody fragrance with a hint of mint and citrus that compliments a..
C$8.50 CAD
Maple Granules 70g
Maple syrup is a popular condiment and Epicentre Maple Granules packs the flavor of maple syrup into..
C$8.50 CAD
Mild Indian Kashmiri Chile 40g
Among all the hot varieties of Indian chili powders, The Epicentre Kashmiri Chile (Mild) is the mild..
C$8.00 CAD
Nigella Seeds 65g
The Nigella sativa is a flowering plant found predominantly in South and South-west Asia and the Epi..
C$8.50 CAD
Premium Chili Powder 45g
If it is the spice that is missing in your dishes, then it is time to get yourself the Epicentre Chi..
C$8.50 CAD
Smoked Pepper and Sage Rub 45g
If you are looking forward to treat your guest or your family, then you must pick up the Epicentre S..
C$8.50 CAD
True North Spice Rub 55g
Made with real organic maple (not an artificial flavoring), the Epicentre True North (by South West)..
C$8.50 CAD
West African Grains of Paradise Whole Seeds 35g
The Epicentre Grains of Paradise come from the ginger family and are native to the West Africa. Thes..
C$12.00 CAD
Whole Green Cardamom 30g
The unique fragrance of cardamom is packed specially for you in our Epicentre Cardamom Green Whole. ..
C$7.50 CAD
Whole Green Peppercorns 35g
The Epicentre Peppercorns, Green (Whole) are a perfect blend of aroma and flavor. Like parsley, the ..
C$9.00 CAD
Whole Kaffir Lime Leaves 5g
Citrus adds acidity and flavor to dishes and Epicentre Lime Leaves pack a lot of flavor in them. Cit..
C$8.00 CAD
Whole Mondo Pepper 100g
A melange of the worlds most exotic and exceptional peppercorns; Sarawak black, Muntok white, Mysore..
C$11.00 CAD
Whole Pink Peppercorns 40g
Peppercorns add a finishing touch to soups and salads and the Epicentre Peppercorns, Pink (Whole) ar..
C$11.00 CAD
Zydeco Dust Cajun Blackening Spice Rub, 50g
The Epicentre Zydeco Dust (Cajun Blackening Spice Rub) provides a distinctive Cajun flavor to seafoo..
C$8.50 CAD
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