Epicentre Spices

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Maple Granules 70g
Maple syrup is a popular condiment and Epicentre Maple Granules packs the flavor of maple syrup into..
C$8.50 CAD
Mild Indian Kashmiri Chile 40g
Among all the hot varieties of Indian chili powders, The Epicentre Kashmiri Chile (Mild) is the mild..
C$8.00 CAD
Nigella Seeds 65g
The Nigella sativa is a flowering plant found predominantly in South and South-west Asia and the Epi..
C$8.50 CAD
Premium Chili Powder 45g
If it is the spice that is missing in your dishes, then it is time to get yourself the Epicentre Chi..
C$8.50 CAD
Smoked Pepper and Sage Rub 45g
If you are looking forward to treat your guest or your family, then you must pick up the Epicentre S..
C$8.50 CAD
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