The Minosharp knive sharpener is a ceramic water sharpener and is manufactured and distributed by the Master Cutlery Corporation under the philosophy of developing the most effective sharpening tools on the market. 
Established in 1985 in Japan and incorporated in 1988, the MCC established the Minosharp ceramic water sharpener in 2000.


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Global Fish Bone Tweezers
Global Fishbone Tweezers are ideal for pulling bones from salmon and other fish as its beveled tips ..
C$60.00 CAD
Global Flexible Boning Knife, G-21
If you really want the cutting edge, the Global G-21 Flexible Boning Knife is just about as advanced..
C$125.00 CAD
Global G-12 Meat Cleaver
Serious cooks require serious knives, and the Global G-12 Meat Cleaver means business. You won’t hav..
C$204.00 CAD
Global G-16 Chef's Knife, 10 inch 24cm
If you are looking for one single kitchen tool to take your cooking up to the next level, the Global..
C$205.00 CAD
Global GSF-24 6" Universal, Utility Knife
The Global GSF-24 Forged Utility Knife is a very versatile and extremely high-quality tool. Like mos..
C$80.00 CAD
Global Oriental Fluted Chef's Knife, G-4
Oriental blades are typically considered general purpose knives, and the Global G-4 Oriental Chef’s ..
C$125.00 CAD
Global Paring Spear, GS-7
A paring knife is the best tool for those smaller, more intricate jobs in the kitchen, and the Globa..
C$100.00 CAD
Global Peeling Knife, 8CM Forged
The Global GSF-15 Peeling Knife is a great option for smaller kitchen jobs where precision is the ke..
C$52.00 CAD
Minosharp 3 Plus Sharpener Grey and Black
If you own a Global knife, the Minosharp 3 Stage III Hand-Held Knife Sharpener is an almost essentia..
C$85.00 CAD
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