Global Long Nose Pairing Knife, GSF-49

C$ 65.00

The Global Paring Long Nose GSF-49 Knife features:

  • Lightweight, balanced paring knife for vegetables and fruits
  • Blade made of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel
  • Edge retains razor sharpness exceptionally well
  • Stainless-steel handle molded for comfort, dimpled for safe grip
  • Lifetime warranty against defects and breakage

Global Kitchen Knives

Global kitchen knives are world famous for their unparalleled quality. The global knife brand was founded by Komin Yamada who imagined and acted on the idea of making kitchen knives of the same quality to that of a samurai sword. The very first global knife was manufactured in the year 1985. A few years after their invention, Global knives quickly gained popularity and were recognized as one of the worlds best kitchen knives for Chefs.

Currently global knives offer a variety of products, approximately 100 various items across different lines. There are 35 firms responsible for their distribution among 35 countries across the globe. At this moment there are four series of Global Knives that are classified according to their characteristics - G, GS, GF and GSF classes.

Global G Series Knives

G series knives include almost every knife a kitchen needs. While they may not charm professional chefs, they are more than suitable for both a budding or master chef. These G series knives are the all-round performers. The G series consists of knives of every size ranging from 2.2 mm – 35 cm. The smallest of knives may be used for chopping, for fillets, peeling, etc. while the longer knives are mainly used for slicing, butchery needs, etc.

Global GS Series Knives

The GS class consists of 19 small kitchen knives. Globals' biggest GS series knife length is only 16 cm. They are used for the lightest kitchen chores like making sandwiches, chopping vegetables, slicing meat, cutting bread, peeling, paring etc. In more understandable words, they are for those who want to be very careful and precise in order to produce better results. Global GS series knives are also knives made specifically to enhance the presentation of food when decorating it.

Global GF Series Knives

The GF series includes only knives designed for professional chefs. The more popular name for these products is "Global Chef Knives." They are inspected and checked very carefully for factors that may not matter to a normal kitchen. Global GF series knives are tested to provide comfort and efficiency that no other knife brand can attest to. Even though the products from this class are similar to that of the G and GS series, they are more often used for heavy duty jobs as they are longer in size, sharper and more efficient than either the G or GS series knives.

Global GSF Series Knives

GSF class knives are used to accompany the other Global knives that fall under the G and GF series. There are 11 knives in the GSF series that are of smaller size and used primarily for peeling purposes. They are available in both forms, straight and curved. There are 3 special peeling knives which are manufactured in very small sizes i.e. from 6 – 8 cm

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