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A paring knife is the best tool for those smaller, more intricate jobs in the kitchen, and the Global GS-7 Paring Spear Knife stands testament to the great reputation of the Japanese knife company in its innovative, rock solid design. This small knife has the potential to be a star player in anybody’s kitchen, and it is very often used by professional chefs in a restaurant setting. As with all of Global’s knives, it is made from the highest possible quality of molybdenum vanadium stainless steel, tempered with ice to ensure its strength over the long haul. This knife is thinner, sharper, and more resilient than most, and since it also comes resistant to rust and Global offers its customers a full lifetime warranty against defects and damage it is hard to see a downside.

That thin, strong steel allows Global to create a sharper blade than those found on similar kitchen knives, and because of it you will be able to cut effortlessly and with surgical precision. The knife really does the work for you, and in the case of a paring knife that is very important because it will allow you to focus on the finesse and agility of your hands. The blade is no joke, and the dimpled steel grip helps to make sure your safety is a top priority when working with a professional grade kitchen knife.

In addition to the grip, the handle of this knife is hollowed out to keep it in line with the weight of the blade itself, but with a small amount of sand added which can move freely to adjust as you use the knife and maintain that delicate balancing act. This is a brilliant added touch, and it can actually make a pretty profound difference. Most people have never held a knife which affords such great comfort and agility, and that is something Global has become very well known for.

The Global Paring Spear, 10cm features:

  • Razor sharp
  • Stays sharper longer
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Stainless steel seamless construction
  • Sure-grip handles 


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