American Weigh Scales NB2-5K Black Kitchen Scale

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American Weigh Scales are acclaimed manufacturers of weight measurement scales for all purposes ranging from household kitchens to hospitals. The Nutri Balance scale from the brand is engineered with an intelligent approach to ease out the food & corresponding calorie evaluation in kitchens. Thus it becomes a favorite scale of dieticians, pro-chefs and health freaks to follow a nutrition regime for better health. It can calculate respective fats, calories, fibers, carbohydrates & other characteristics for 999 different foods.

Unmatched features of the intelligent system are reviewed as follows:

  • Innovatively engineered with a sleek design to weight food items in kitchens to cook with precision and insights on corresponding nutrition aspects
  • Nutrition balance: Scale calculates features like fats, proteins, carbohydrates, salts, cholesterol and fiber content along with total calories with respective amount of foods for 999 items listed in the booklet
  • Multipurpose: Can be used in household or pro-kitchens, bakeries, hotels and diet clinics etc
  • Measurement metrics: Weighing scale has measure metrics in gm & lbs for solid measurement with fluid ounce and milliliter modes for liquid measurement
  • Easy readability: Weighing scale has large display with clear markings to read food characteristics conveniently
  • Hygienic: Seamlessly designed with odor-resistant & non-reactive tempered glass weighing platform and can be cleaned easily by a wet wipe
  • Zero adjustment: A touch button zero to adjust the weights of utensil or tray to evaluate gross weight of the foods for precision is provided to re-zero the scale measurements
  • Prolong use: Weighing scale operates on 1 CR2032 long life lithium battery

Set Contents:

  • 1 piece Nutri Balance 2 (NB2-5000) weighing machine with battery

Product Details:

  • Weight limit: 11 lbs / 5 kg
  • Dimensions: 6.2 x 8.8 x 0.7 Inches
  • Material Used: Plastic
  • Power consumption: 1 CR2032 lithium battery
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty for 10 years

Tips for Use:

  • Do not place hot bowls or utensils on the weighing machine
  • Do not immerse weigh scale in water or any other liquid for cleaning
  • Wipe with damp cloth followed by absorbent wipe to dry thoroughly
  • Do not add weight more than the specified limit
  • Never use abrasive cleaners on machines surface to remove deposits if any, sprinkle some water to soften and wipe afterwards
  • Do not keep the weighing machine near ovens, stove-tops or damp areas

Shipping Information:

Nutri Balance (NB2-5000) Kitchen Scale from American Weigh Scales is neatly packed in a shockproof packaging and shipped within a corrugated box.

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