Caffitaly S05 Coffee Machine, Carbon

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Be instantly seduced by the Caffitaly S05 Coffee Machine's simplicity and efficiency! The Caffitalty S05 comes equipped with a large water tank and generous used capsule drawer, making the Caffitaly S05 nearly autonomous and incredibly convenient. It's the perfect coffee machine for both home and corporate use! Like all Caffitaly capsule machines, the Caffitaly S05 coffee machine features 3 brewing modes for espresso, long coffee, filter coffee, tea, hot chocolate or herbal tea. Combine it with the Lattemento automatic milk frother, and you can quickly make delicious cappuccino or lattè in only a few seconds. Buenisimo!

Features of the Caffitaly S05 Coffee Machine, Carbon include:

  • Power supply and output : 110V / 60Hz / 950W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) : 220 x 332 x 290mm
  • Weight : 6 kg
  • Boiler : Stainless steel
  • Water tank capacity : 2.0 lt
  • Capsule drawer capacity: 20 with signal
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Automatic descaling
  • Pump pressure : 15 bars expresso / 3,5 bars filter coffee
  • Outer shell : ABS plastic
  • Also available in white

Caffitaly Warranty Information from Caffitaly's Website

Every Caffitaly System coffee machine purchased in the store has a 2 year warranty starting from the date of purchase.

What makes Caffitaly Coffee Machines & Coffee Capsules So Great?

For many people, the day simply can't begin without a steaming hot cup of coffee. And when it comes to machines that brew that cup as quickly and as flavorfully as possible, some machines are just a step above the rest. The Caffitaly Coffee System is one of the most popular brands of in-home capsule based espresso machines in Europe. And for some very obvious - and very good -- reasons. Although their clever and contemporary design, ease-of-use, and overall quality all earn these machines high marks, the real trait that makes them so great is quite simple: Caffitaly Coffee Machines brew a delicious cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and they do it very quickly!
Coffee and tea drinkers in Europe have propelled Caffitaly (which, for those interested in knowing, is a portmanteau of "Italy" and the Italian word for 'coffee') to serious popularity. And the truth is, the coffee making system is well on its way to the same enthusiastic renown here in North America.
The following takes a close look at Caffitaly's top 3 coffee machines to see what makes the brand so popular. We'll also examine their milk frother and innovative (and delicious!) selection of coffee, tea, and cocoa capsules.
S05 (Available in Carbon and White)
Before getting into the details of why the S05 is a superior coffee machine, it's probably a good idea to briefly explain what makes all models of Caffitaly Coffee Machines so unique. Caffitaly Coffee Machines make premium cups of coffee, espresso, tea, and hot chocolate by utilizing servings of ground coffee, espresso beans, tea leaves, and cocoa that come in pre-measured "capsules." Once a capsule is inserted, the machine pierces the top, and then proceeds to quickly brew a wonderful cup of coffee or tea. Their innovative design makes Caffitaly coffee machines the most simple way to brew a quick cup of your favorite hot beverage. 
The S05 model is particularly convenient because of its large design, which works as efficiently as all of the Caffitaly coffee machines while providing a generous water tank and disposal space for used capsules. The S05 permits less frequent maintenance and the machine is a perfect choice for high-traffic home and office kitchens. The S05 is available in either carbon gray or a fresh white finish.
S03 (Available in Gray/Black and Gray/Silver)
The S03 has a far more compact design than the larger S05, and will be better suited for smaller home kitchens and offices. The capsule compartment is located at the top of the machine, and like all Caffitaly coffee machines, the S03 offers three programmable modes of brewing -- each powered by an incredibly fast dual-pressure brewing system. By affording easy refilling of the water tank, removal of used capsules, and easy clean-up, the S03 makes coffee-making ridiculously convenient. The quaint and compact S03 is available in traditional combos of gray and black or gray and silver.
Caffitaly LattePremio LP16
This dapper and robust machine is the crème de la crème, the Cadillac, the big kahuna of the Caffitaly lineup. If you want the best Caffitaly machine -- and arguably the best coffee machine on the market -- for your home, office, restaurant, bed-and-breakfast, or cafe, then you have discovered what you're looking for with the LattePremio LP16.
Why, exactly, is that so? Let's count the reasons. To begin, the LattePremio LP16 will brew you a great-tasting cup of your favorite hot beverage in less than 30 second. Literally, there is almost no faster way to treat yourself to a delicious and premium cup of coffee, espresso, or tea. Next, like the S05, the LattePremio LP16 can hold an enormous amount of water in its tank (enough for 400 cups to be exact), and the space it provides for disposing of used capsules is even more generous. The LattePremio LP16 also engenders easy cleaning with two energy-efficient, fully automated cleaning modes -- one that takes a minute, the other requiring only 30 seconds -- and, with its built-in fully automatic milk frother, the machine provides perfect, restaurant-quality coffee, espresso, tea, and other hot beverages. The LattePremio LP16, to be blunt, is a machine that approaches coffee-making perfection.
LatteMento Automatic Milk Frother LM150
The LatteMento Automatic Milk Frother 150 is a fast, efficient, and stylish complement to any Caffitaly Coffee Machine, and an absolute essential for those interested in brewing perfect mochas and cappuccinos. With its stainless steel insulated housing (which never feels hot, surprisingly enough) and easy-handle cordless design, this frother was built with ease and simplicity in mind. The LatteMento Automatic Milk Frother 150 also boasts an automatic off switch for care-free use, and a non-stick coating for easy cleanup. And can you guess what the best part of the LatteMento Automatic Milk Frother 150 is? It makes fabulous foamy milk to top your favorite coffee and espresso drinks...and it does itfast!
7 Different Capsules of Coffee, Tea, and Other Hot Beverages
The quality, innovation, and great-tasting beverages that are hallmarks of the Caffitaly coffee system is undeniable. But there is one simple ingredient at the core of the brand's success, both in Europe, and increasingly here in the United States. Caffitaly coffee machines are streamlined, beautifully colorful, and feature generous designs, but of all the quality and craftsmanship in the world can't deliver a single delicious beverage. That distinction goes to the care Caffitaly has put into formulating their Select Coffee and flavor capsules.
Caffitaly's Select Coffee Capsule include the following flavors: Columbian Espresso, Espresso Roast, Smooth Roast, and Premium Decaffeinated. Additionally, the company offers exceptional herbal tea and hot cocoa flavors. Ultimately, a hot beverage is only as good as the coffee beans, leaves, or cocoa it was brewed from, and one of the keys to Caffitaly's popularity is that they understand that a great tasting beverage begins long before a capsule is placed inside one of their excellent coffee machines.
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