Cuisinox Covered Wok with Side Handles, 6L 14.2

C$ 190.00
SKU: iPOT-3362

Many people don't realize how versatile woks are for cooking and the Cuisinox Covered Wok with Side Handles is even more versatile because it comes with a lid. People who are experienced in using woks know that stir fry isn't the only cooking technique that a wok allows you to do. You can deep fry in a wok, boil foods in water and you can steam foods in a covered wok, like this Cuisinox model.

Make Healthier Food

Cooking with a wok also allows you to prepare healthier meals because the shape of the wok allows you to cook food with less oil. The non-stick version of this wok will also help you use less oil because you won't need an oil to prevent food from sticking to the bottom or sides of the wok. With less oil in the pan, the meats or vegetables you cook won't absorb the oil, which increases the fat content and calories of the food.

Prepare Food Ahead of Time

With a food capacity of over 6 quarts, you can prepare foods ahead of time for a dinner party or to freeze for other meals throughout the week. Cooking ahead lets you save time on busy nights when you're late coming home from work or you have school activities during the week and you need to prepare a meal for your family quickly. You can cook meat or vegetables in large quantities and keep them in the freezer until you need them.

Made to Cook Well

The Cuisinox wok is made from a 3-ply stainless steel, called Surround Heat, that helps to cook food more evenly and thoroughly. Uneven cooking can cause meats to be underdone on one end of the beef or pork or almost burnt on the other end. Not only does this interfere with the flavor of your food, but when consuming foods like pork or chicken, it can be unsanitary as well.

Versatile Cooking

A wok isn't limited to just preparing Chinese food. They can be used to fry donuts, hushpuppies or beignets, you can also use a wok to stir fry vegetables and thinly sliced meats for fajitas or you can steam meats and vegetables to be used in many other recipes.  A wok is a versatile tool to have in your kitchen and this durable Cuisinox model will be beneficial tool for making foods for your family.  

Warranty Information for Cuisinox Cookware

All Cuisinox cookware is covered by a 25 year limited warranty on manufacture defects.

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