Cuisinox Elite 3.5 Liter Covered Chef's Pan

C$ 110.00
SKU: iPOT-324W

You will look and feel like a professional chef when cooking with the Cuisinox Elite Covered Chef's Pan in your kitchen. The chef's pan, otherwise know as the sauté pan, is one of the most used implements in the kitchen by professionals and non-professional cooks alike. This pan can be used to create a vast array of dishes, whether they are entrees, sauces, gravies or appetizers.

Versatility and Even Cooking

The 3.5 liter size of the Cuisinox sauté pan allows you to make enough sauce or gravy for dinner without the need to use another pan or one that is deeper. It has a 91/2" diameter, which makes it great for frying chicken or a couple of hamburgers in the same pan, as well as make 3 average size pancakes.  

Whether you are frying foods or making sauces, this pan will cook all your food evenly because it is made from stainless steel with the 3-ply Surround Heat technology. This technology allows the heat from your stove burner to be evenly distributed around the bottom of the pan, allowing for more even cooking.

Cooking food evenly is important for not only taste but for the safety reasons. If you are cooking chicken or pork, for instance, you don't want one end to be cooked correctly while the other end is undercooked. Consuming undercooked meat can make you or one of you family very sick and overcooking meat to make sure it is all thoroughly done can often lead to burning it, which results in a ruined meal and wasted money.

Lightweight and Durable

Stainless steel pans not only look good in your kitchen, but they are easier to handle than cast iron cookware. The steel pans are lighter weight, but they are made of strong steel so they won't easy bend or warp when taken from a hot stove and put in water to help make cleaning them easier to do.  If you want a non-stick pan, you can get a version of this Cuisinox sauté pan that is non-stick.

A lighter pan helps make it easier for you to be able to pick it up and toss the food in it as needed without hurting or injuring your wrist.  A cast iron skillet is sometimes too heavy for people to cook with and lighter weight aluminum pans can be ruined by high temperatures. With care this Cuisinox pan will last for many years.


The Cuisinox Elite 3.5 Liter Covered Chef's Pan offers high volume capacity at a manageable compact size.

  • 3.5 Liter capacity
  • 24cm/ 9.5 inch diameter
  • Induction ready
  • Dishwasher safe

Warranty Information for Cuisinox Cookware


All Cuisinox cookware is covered by a 25 year limited warranty on manufacture defects.
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