Edge of Belgravia Onyx Ceramic Paring Knife

C$ 46.70
SKU: i001BC

Christian Bird founded Edge of Belgravia in year 2010 in London and formally launched acclaimed, avant-garde cutlery collections delivering impeccable performance. These knives were designed with high quality hardened materials for an absolutely splendid experience redefining the art of food preparation in household & pro-kitchens like never before.

Ceramic Onyx Paring Knife from Edge of Belgravia is exclusively designed for basic yet intricate tasks in a kitchen. The knife comes handy with its pointed tip to easily peel & small food items such as jalapenos, fruits or deveining a shrimp.

Knife is delineated with following brilliant features:

  • Designed with non-reactive, rust-resistant high-tech zirconium oxide blade with supreme precision which remains sharp for years even without sharpening
  • Perfect pick for chopping nuts, peeling kiwi's & smaller fruits, hulling strawberries, deseeding chilies & jalapenos or deveining shrimps with precision 
  • Razor sharp, thin, narrow & hard blade measuring 4 inches works in full tang for intricate tasks
  • Pointed tip, out-curved blade design with sharpened edge till the tip makes it a neat and versatile tool to work intricately
  • Double beveled edges to accommodate both, left and right handed cooks
  • Contoured, immaculate & lightweight design 
  • Comfortable black synthetic handle with thumb-rest for easy maneuvering in different cutting techniques with slip-free superior grip ensuring uttermost safety

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: Blade measures 4 inches 
  • Material Used: Zirconium oxide & synthetic handle

Tips for Use:

  • Not recommended for cutting through bones and another hard materials. Use cleavers for cutting bones
  • Recommended usage is only cutting meats & vegetables with knife moving back and forth, not chopping
  • Non dishwasher safe, hand-wash recommended strictly with non-acidic dish washing soap for protecting the sharpness of the edges
  • Immediate rinsing and drying with absorbent cloth is required after use to prevent the edges from micro-corrosion, store neatly at a safe place

Packaging Information:

Ceramic Onyx Paring Knife from Edge of Belgravia is neatly packed & shipped in a cardboard case.

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