Global Herb Chopper Mezzaluna 18cm

C$ 218.95
SKU: i71G76

Ease your task of chopping herbs and spices and choose the most latest tool that is especially designed to meet your culinary requirements providing you safety, control and ease of usage. 

This expert recommended tool is designed after considering the basic requirements of a herb-chopper that you don’t find in those available in the market today. Featuring a razor sharp curved blade edge for slicing herbs and spices, the chopper has comfortable, easy-to-hold handle with an elegant design. 


  • Genuine Global product
  • Suitable for both professional as well home use
  • Herb mincing knife
  • Razor sharp, curved, comfortable, easy-to-hold handle
  • Stylish design 
  • Handle branded with Global dots



Product Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 18 x 1 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 399 g
  • Shipping Weight: 399 g



Tips for Use:


  • To protect your knife edge, store on a magnetic bar, in-drawer rack or knife block.
  • Select the proper knife for each task.
  • Hone regularly with a honing steel to maintain a keen edge.
  • Avoid hard frozen foods or shellfish and twisting the knife when cutting as this may damage the edge.
  • Always cut on a board of wood, bamboo or soft plastic to prevent premature dulling of your knives.
  • Hand-wash with dish soap and water, thoroughly hand-dry.



Packaging Information:

The Global Mezzaluna Herb Chopper is neatly packed and shipped in a corrugated box.

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