Guede "The Knife" 10" Special Edition Knife

C$ 538.00
SKU: iG-G888/26

After having carefully observed chefs' movements and grasps, Guede has "reinvented" the Chef's Knife. Guede is known for creating top quality knives in the German city of Solingen, a city well known for following the century old traditions of the art of forging knives. 

The Knife is not only a striking design piece for your kitchen, it also has an innovative functional design, which makes working with it just as much of a pleasure (if not more!) as looking at it. The innovative design allows everyone to hold The Knife just like a professional chef holds a chef’s knife, with your thumb and index finger forming a "U" and safely grasping the blade while your middle finger 'parks itself' comfortably in the finely worked indentation at the back of the blade. The centre of gravity therefore lies exactly in the palm of your hand and enables fatigue-free cutting. The Knife contains nothing but flowing lines and undisturbed transitions, which automatically enables the right grasp and comfortable hand support at all times. A breathtakingly beautiful chef's knife - forged from a single piece of steel. 

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