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The John Boos Mystery Oil comes from the family of John Boos and the name itself speaks of its quality. The oil is a combination of mineral, linseed and orange oils that help in maintaining your boards, blocks or any other wood surfaces well. The NSF certified board cream is absolutely food safe and is recommended on wooden surfaces every month. All of the Boos products are pre-treated with the Boos cream but over the time the effects of the cream wears out. To overcome this, we recommend you use the Boos Mystery Oil every month to condition your blocks and boards. Apply the cream with hand and gently massage it all over the board surface. For best results, leave it overnight and wipe it the next morning with a tissue. Experts believe that using the Boos cream on wooden surface regularly prevents warping or drying of wood.

The waxy coating of the cream prevents moisture and food to penetrate into the wood’s grains. This penetration could damage the board, but the regular use of the Boos cream will help you use your blocks and boards for a lifetime. Regular washing of the board could also lead to wearing off the cream’s effect, which is why we recommend using the cream regularly to keep your boards supple. Topped with beeswax the John Boos Mystery Oil gives your blocks and boards a wonderful factory finish.

Key Features of the John Boos Mystery Oil:

  • Food Safe: contains all natural products to make it safe for using
  • Factory-Finish of Boards: oiling boards and blocks regularly gives boards a fine finish
  • Deep Penetration of Oil: penetrates deeply and protects wood surface from damage
  • Prevents Warping or Drying: moisturizes the boards to prevent drying that results out of use

Technical Specifications

  • Piece Count: 1
  • Quantity: 16 fl. Oz.
  • Ingredients: Blend of mineral, linseed and orange oils

Country of Origin: United States

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