Messermeister Asian Precision 10.5 Inch Sushi or Takohiki Knife

C$ 90.00
SKU: iDN-1006

The Messermeister 10.5 Inch Sushi or Takohiki Knife originated in Tokyo and is a specialized knife that is mainly used in the preparation of Sushi. Sushi is a Japanese tradition where cooked rice is combined with other ingredients like seafood, vegetables, and tropical fruits. One of the distinct features of Sushi is the especially thin cut pieces of seafood and fish. The sushi knife has a characteristic long, narrow, single edge blade that has a blunt tip. It is this tip that allows you to cut cooked octopus, which curls up when cooked, without damaging the uncooked portions. It is also useful for creating straight cuts of sashimi and meat with the skin left on. The knife is one-piece and fully stamped, making it sturdy enough to last you for a long time. It is designed to provide ergonomic balance, which puts less stress on your hands. 

The triple rivet construction gives it stability and makes it damage resistant. The paper Pakkawood composite handle nestles comfortably in the curves of your palm, providing superior control and a secure grip while slicing. The blade is made of high-carbon molybdenum/vanadium steel, which makes it easier to slice and dice. The knife is hardened to 57-58 Rockwell, which makes it hard enough to hold the edge. The edge can also be easily restored after years of use. The knife features a full tang, a metal portion that runs through the entire handle. With the Messermeister 10.5 Inch Sushi or Takohiki Knife in your collection you will be able to professionally cut, prep your fish and meat and serve traditional sushi dishes at home.

Key Features of the Messermeister 10.5 Inch Sushi or Takohiki Knife:

  • One Piece, Fully Stamped: makes the knife sturdy
  • Ergonomic Balance: ease of use, relieves stress
  • Long, Narrow, Single Edge Blade With A Blunt Tip: ideal for cutting cooked octopus without damaging the uncooked portion, also used for straight cut sashimi and meat with skin
  • Paper Pakkawood Composite Handle: nestles comfortably into the curves of the palm, offering control and a secure grip
  • High-Carbon Molybdenum/Vanadium Steel: makes it easier to slice, dice, and cut food
  • Hardened to 57-58 Rockwell Hardness: hard enough to hold its edge for a long time, easy to restore edge
  • Full Tang: refers to the metal portion of the handle that runs down the length
  • Triple Rivet Construction: enables excellent stability and damage resistance

Technical Specifications

  • Shipping Weight: 0.65 lbs.
  • Made in Seki, Japan
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