Messermeister Meridian Elite 6 Inch Cleaver

C$ 200.00
SKU: iE/3651-6

Pros know that there is no better cleaver than the Messermeister Meridian Elite 6 Inch Cleaver. A cleaver is a large knife that varies in shape and size but has a rectangular blade and resembles a hatchet. Its main use is as a butcher’s knife and is intended to cut through bones. The cleaver has a tough edge in order to withstand repeated blows directed at thick meat and dense cartilage and a cutting board or table. This Messermeister 6" cleaver is widely regarded as the finest forged cleaver on the market. The blade has an elite edge and the sharpness is enhanced by the cleaver's weight. The heavy blade is is suitable for cutting, chopping, and splitting joints and bones. The broader side of the knife can also be used for crushing food items, like garlic.

The knife is one-piece and fully forged, and is sturdy enough to last you for ages. With hand-polished edges and spines, the knife has fine finish and a bolster-less edge. The extra-wide blade on the chef’s knife makes it easy to use on a variety of materials. The triple rivet ‘POM’ handle gives the knives excellent stability and makes it damage resistant. The geometric design of the knife balances the weight evenly between the handle and the blade, making the chopping process less stressful on your hands. Professional cooks rely on their knives a lot and so should you. Messermeister is a German brand that has been around since 1981, founded by a knife salesman named Bernd Dressler. The brand is now known all over the world for bringing out some of the most well made culinary products. With the Messermeister Meridian Elite 6 Inch Cleaver in your kitchen, you will not have to go to the neighborhood butcher anymore.

Key Features of the Messermeister Meridian Elite 6 Inch Cleaver:

  • One Piece, Fully Forged: makes the knife sturdy
  • Hand-Polished Edge and Spine: for fine finish, bolster-less edges
  • Triple Rivet ‘POM’ Handle: offers excellent stability and damage-resistance
  • Extra-Wide, Cambered Chef’s Knife Blade: enables ease of use and precise cuts
  • Ergonomic Balance: reduces stress on hands

Technical Specifications

  • Shipping Weight: 1.35 lbs.
  • Hand Crafted in Germany
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