Nordic Ware Cast Aluminium Pumpkin Bundt Pan

C$ 44.95
SKU: i41448

If you love to entertain and bake sweet treats for your family and friends, you’ll definitely want the Nordic Ware Pumpkin Loaf Pan in time for autumn. When you’re gathered together at Thanksgiving, the harvest print of pumpkins, vines and leaves will give an added festive touch to your favorite cakes, loaves or breads and guarantee they’ll look beautiful on your holiday table. 

Nordic Ware has established a reputation for producing quality baking accessories, and this durable pan is no exception. The heavy cast aluminum walls and heat-reflective outer surface ensure heat is distributed evenly throughout the pan for superb conduction and baking performance. Accordingly, your holiday loaves and breads will rise evenly. Furthermore, the inside of the pan is covered in non-stick coating, ensuring your baking will release without falling apart. The non-stick coating also makes cleanup a snap! Batter won’t bake onto the pan and require scrubbing or scraping to remove; just gently hand-wash your Nordic Ware Pumpkin Loaf Pan with mild detergent and dry it.

Because the Nordic Ware Pumpkin Loaf Pan is constructed so well and utilizes non-stick technology, your loaves and breads come will bake evenly and turn out consistently every time, featuring the fine details of the leaves and pumpkins. Whether you’re making pumpkin spice loaf, banana bread or any other family favorite, once your treat is baked, simply tip the loaf from the pan and allow it to cool. Depending on what you’ve made, you may wish to frost and decorate your festive cake, dust it lightly with icing sugar or even just apply a simple glaze to highlight the pattern and detailing.

The long-lasting Nordic Ware Pumpkin Loaf Pan is made in the USA from premier-grade materials. It measures 11 x 5.5 x 2.8 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. You’re sure to be pleased with its excellent construction and performance. With proper care, this reliable pan will serve you well for years to come.

When you’re entertaining this autumn, whether for Thanksgiving, Halloween, a birthday party or any other celebration, your favorite bread, loaf or cake will bake to perfection in the Nordic Ware Pumpkin Loaf Pan. For an added fall touch, you could even serve your pumpkin-shaped loaf on an orange platter. Order your pumpkin pan now and this September and October you’ll be ready to spoil the ones you love with a tasty and pretty treat suited perfectly to the season. 


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