OXO 10 Piece Stainless Steel Pro Cookware Set

C$ 439.99
SKU: iCW001365G

OXOs much appreciated notion for using technology & innovation for contemporary designing is easily seen with its products promising incessant performance for daily lives. 10-piece pro-cookware set itself is a professional addition to their showcase flaunting products which remarkable change the way people cook or store foods in kitchens.

3-ply set in stainless steel has precise flat bottoms with smooth rounded interior to prevent unhygienic food deposits and hassle-free stirring especially for oriental foods. With an energy efficient design; see-through glass lids are absolutely welcoming to reduce continuous monitoring and stirring efforts in a smart way. Other versatile features are explained below:

  • Efficiently designed to aide cooking enthusiasts for preparing a variety of meals & global cuisines in a comfortable & convenient way
  • Frying: Set has 2 fry pans in 20 & 26 cm to choose as per quantity and frying eggs, fries, fritters and fish etc easily
  • Sauce Preparations: 1.4 liter & 2.3 liter capacity sauce pans with lids to easily reduce gravies, sauces, jams etc
  • Casserole: Large size casserole to cook stew, soups, sea-foods such as mussel rice, pork loin, pot-roast and other deep dish cuisines
  • Stock Pot: Extra large size stock pot with 7+ liters capacity to slowly cook & simmer meats, vegetables and other food items to prepare condenses or thin stocks for future use
  • Glass lids: Transparent lids with extra wide handle to lift with adequate knuckle clearance allows monitoring foods without opening repeatedly
  • Contoured handles: Fry pans and sauce pans have sturdy V-shaped handles welded precisely for lifting and pouring food items into plates or bowls
  • Measurement markings: Inner sides of pots & pans marked with measurements to easily add water and other liquids without hassles of using measuring mug
  • Unique interior shape: Bowl-alike interior to stir food items continually for folding in sauces or gravies for consistent flavors
  • Storage friendly: Hang holes in fry pans and sauce pans to store conveniently for easy accessibility
  • Uniform cooking: Even heat distribution through higher heat conductivity of aluminum in 3-ply stainless steel for evenly browned crusts and succulent tastes

Set Contents:

  • Fry Pan – 20 cm
  • Fry Pan – 26 cm
  • 1.4 Liter Sauce Pan with Lid
  • 2.3 Liter Sauce Pan with Lid
  • 4.8 Liter Casserole with Lid
  • 7.6 Liter Stock Pot with Lid

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible Cook-tops: Induction, gas, electric, radiant-ring, halogen, ceramic & solid plate cook-tops
  • Material Used: Stainless steel, aluminum and glass

* Warranty & Certifications:

Tips for Care & Usage:

  • Utensils can be cleaned in dishwasher with a phosphate free cleaning agent
  • Do not scour surface with metallic wool & harsh cleaning agents
  • Soak in warm water to soften dried food deposits from sauces & gravies before cleaning

Shipment Details:

Oxo 10-piece Stainless Steel PRO Cookware Set is neatly packed & shipped in a corrugated box.

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