OXO Good Grips Gravy Fat Separator, 2 cups

C$ 18.00
SKU: i1067505CL

Your Sunday roasts and Yorkshire puds are a whole lot healthier and tastier all because of OXO Good Grips Gravy Fat Separator, 2 cups. This ingenious tool separates fat from stock real quick to help you make fat-free healthy gravies to serve on top of roasts. This BPA free tool makes done with unwanted fat to turn your gravies absolutely delicious.

When you pour hot pan juices into the heat-resistant jug, a strainer on top catches unwanted bits and lumps. The unique stopper builds air pressure to keep fat out of the spout. You will have to leave the whole setup undisturbed for a minute after which the fat settles at the top of the jug leaving the thin stock below. When you find that the fat is settled, open the stopper and the strainer and pour out the lean stock onto a vessel. The fat remains in the jug. The tapered lip of the spout helps in keeping the drip to a minimum, while the high walls of the spout keep the liquid from spilling out over the top. Make stock that is lean and perfect for cooking or make delicious healthier and flavorful gravies to serve on top of roasts with the help of the OXO Good Grips Gravy Fat Separator, 2 cups.

Key Features of the OXO Good Grips Gravy Fat Separator, 2 cups:

  • Healthier and Tastier Stock: separates stock from fat to make your gravies healthier
  • Heat Resistant: endures hot pan juices when poured into the jug
  • Spout Stopper: builds air pressure and keeps fat out of the spout
  • Strainer: keeps unwanted lumps away from the stock
  • Tapered Spout Lip: keeps drip to a minimum

Technical Specification

  • Piece Count: 1
  • 2 cup capacity (500 ml)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Metal Utensil Friendly
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