Swiss Diamond 3 Piece Induction Set

C$ 499.95
SKU: i846008I

To bring some relief in small kitchens or to cooking enthusiasts, 3-piece induction compatible set from Swiss Diamond features handy fry pan and a casserole with tight fitting lid to accompany a condominium kitchen or a dorm for cooking during wee hours on a rush. With remarkable Swiss quality; diamond crystal based coating depicts exceptional conductive properties & low co-efficient of friction to cook uniformly.

Mandate cooking set is further explained with following features at a glance:

  • Designed with induction compatible cooking base to assist in cooking a variety of cuisines in fry pan and casserole cookware
  • Fry pan: eggs, sauté vegetables, tossed tender meats and other food items
  • Casserole with lid: Ideal cookware for cooking-cum-serving dishes like baked vegetables, pasta’s, roasted fish, pot-roasts, chicken curries etc for 4-6 servings at a time
  • Glass lid: See-through lid fits both cook-wares for flexi usage and can be used for reducing sauces & gravies or simmering foods over low flame
  • Quality & unmatched performance: Heavy cast aluminum construction ensures uniform heat distribution while cooking for even brown textures & tastes
  • Safe design: Tempered glass lid with heat-resistant cap on top and heat adjusting valve for precise cooking
  • Cooking in a healthy way: Warp resistant diamond crystals based coating endures unmatched non-stick properties for fat-free cooking
  • Seamless interiors: Rivet free interior prevents unsighted food deposits and bacterial growth for hygienic cooking
  • Easy handling: Heat-resistant ergonomic handle with thumb dimple provides superior control with easy & safe handling of fry pan
  • Safety: Casserole has heat-resistant buckle handles at both sides for lifting safely with superior control & anti-slip grip
  • Oven safe: Can be used in traditional grill ovens with temperature setting upto 260 degree Celsius
  • Made in Switzerland with 100% hydroelectric power

Set Contents:

  • Casserole
  • Fry Pan
  • Glass Lid

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible cook-tops: Induction, gas, electric, radiant-ring, halogen, ceramic & solid plate cook-tops
  • Dimensions: Casserole (10 Inches), Fry Pan (10 Inches)
  • Material Used: Cast aluminum construction with non-stick coating. Lid is made from tempered glass.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty cover with pan restoration policy subjected to coating deterioration
  • Certification: Suitable for cooking vegetarian and vegan food with certification from AVA (American Vegetarian Association)

Tips for Use:

  • Use lower-medium heat settings as the pan itself has high heat-conductivity for flavorful food preparation
  • Place the pan at-least 2 inches away from the heating coils incase of using in an oven
  • Always use fabric or silicon mittens for handling Swiss Diamond pan in the oven
  • Never use an aerosol non-stick spray or heating oil above its smoke point to prevent food from sticking to the pan
  • Silicon and wooden spatula’s recommended for stirring the food items & cooking
  • Do not cut or chop food in the pan
  • Can be cleaned in dishwasher with phosphate free dishwashing detergents
  • Hand washing recommended with mild dishwashing liquids and lukewarm water for longer retention of coating
  • Baking soda and warm water recommended for residue removal
  • Use a non-stick mat or stainless steel mat in sink to prevent gray marks from Swiss Diamond cookware

Packaging Information:

3-Piece Induction Compatible Gift Set from Swiss Diamond is neatly packed and shipped in a corrugated gifting box.

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