Swissmar 1.5 L Stainless Steel Arosa Fondue Set

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Casual dining gets a new twist with the Swissmar Arosa 11 pc Stainless Steel Fondue Set for lip-smacking preparations that will get you appreciative nods from your guests. Crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, known to distribute heat evenly and resist corrosion, it provides a non-stick surface that is easy to clean. Fondue is always a hot favorite with kids and adults. When you have a versatile fondue maker that can whip up yummy chocolate, meat, and cheese fondue; nothing can stop your loved ones from dipping and digging into the fondue pot! Ease of preparation and unique flavors are some of the benefits that combine to make your fondue a wonderful delicacy. The ceramic insert acts as a double boiler so that your versatile fondue set becomes suitable for different types of fondue. All you must do is remove the ceramic bowl, insert the splatter guard and it is ready to prepare meat fondue. Cheese and chocolate fondue require you to add water to the fondue pot and put the ceramic bowl in place. 

Designed with a contemporary taste, the stainless steel fondue pot has wide handles for ease of carrying around and handling. The paste/gel fuel burner sits underneath and has a rubber covered handle for ease of accessibility around the three legged rechaud stand that houses the fondue pot. The splatter guard is removable and features six slots for the forks so that the hands stay cool and safe when the fondue is simmering on high temperatures. Looking for some extra flavor and seasonings in your delicious meat fondue? Add a couple of spoons of olive oil and fresh herbs and let the aromas waft through your culinary space! For healthier meat fondue, use broth or stock instead of oil. The health conscious can substitute red meat with chicken or fish. Open a bottle of wine and chill out with friends and family as they dip their meat or veggie chunks in the yummy fondue whipped up in the Swissmar Arosa 11 pc Stainless Steel Fondue Set.

Key Features of the Swissmar Arosa 11 pc Stainless Steel Fondue Set:

  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Construction: for even heat distribution, corrosion resistance and a non-stick surface
  • Multi-Purpose: can be used for different types of fondue viz. chocolate, meat and cheese
  • Ceramic Insert: acts as double boiler making one set suitable for three different fondue 
  • Removable Splatter Guard: is suitable for meat fondue and features slots for the stainless steel forks
  • Wide Handles: for ease of handling when hot or cold
  • Fuel Burner with Rubber-Covered Handle: is accessible and secure in the sturdy base

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 1.5 lt.
  • Piece Count: 11
  • Set Includes:
    • Stainless steel fondue pot (1.5 lt. / 1.6 qt.)
    • Ceramic fondue pot (1 lt. / 1 qt.)
    • Stainless steel splatter ring
    • Rechaud (stand)
    • Dual-function burner
    • 6 Fondue forks
  • Maximum Conducive Temperature: 375°F/190°C
  • Recipes Included: Yes
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