Reward Points

Cilantro The Cooks Shop is pleased to offer a customer loyalty reward point program for members of our website. As a registered customer of Cilantro The Cooks Shop you are awarded loyalty points for qualifying purchases that can then be redeemed for product available in our store. In addition, you can earn loyalty points for qualifying microactions on our blog or website such as blog comments, the creation of new forum topics, replying to forum threads, and other actions.

Rules for our point system:

How are points calculated?

There are three components to our loyalty reward points program. First, there is a cost in points value for each product and a points awarded value for each product. Cost in points are calculated as the net product price after specials, discounts, or coupons multiplied by the cost in points modifier. This is the cost in points you pay when purchasing a product with points. Second, points awarded are calculated as the net product price after specials, discounts, or coupons multiplied by the points awarded multiplier. These are the points awarded to your account when purchasing a qualifying product or products. Third, points are awarded for customer micro-actions on our blog and website that we determine.

What are customer microactions?

Customer microactions are the individual actions that take place on a website while you, the customer, are browsing the page. Microactions include things such as 1.) leaving a blog comment 2.) liking a blog post 3.) sharing a blog post via social media 4.) creating a new forum topic 5.) replying to forum topics 6.) signing into your account each day, etc. See below for a full list of microactions and their point values.

List of actions that earn points:

Micro-actionable items
Points awarded
Total daily points
Registering for an account
500 points
Logging into your account daily (every 12 hours)
15 points
15 points
Commenting on a blog post (6 times daily)
25 points
150 points
Creating a new forum topic (3 times daily)
10 points
30 points
Replying to a forum topic (12 times daily) 
10 points
120 points
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