Jaccard LX Series 5 Inch Santoku Knife

C$ 37.95
SKU: i14417

Use classic santoku knife on board with unmatched ease and grip to sate the 3 virtues of slicing, dicing and mincing of foods in kitchens. With a 5-inch blade, it is a favorite oriental kitchen accessory as well as globally popular knife in American and European kitchens. With a contoured handle flaunting apposite finger space, curved edge to move blade in full tang and pointed tip for added precision, it is one of the most appreciable chef’s mate in kitchens. Knife is further delineated with following brilliant features:

  • Designed with a distinctive medium size blade in 5 inches to cut, slice or mince foods with unmatched fine quality, advanced curved ceramic blade 
  • Usage: Crafted in a curved edge with pointed tip to assist chefs for food preparation tasks such as chopping vegetables, dicing boneless meats & cutting fish fillets etc. with maximum edge utilization in full tang
  • Non-reactive: Advanced ceramic blade prevents browning of fruits or vegetables due to absence of metallic irons causing foul odor & tastes in foods
  • Non-chipping design: Rounded blade tip design prevents chipping on knife
  • Hassle-free maintenance: Non-stick blade surface is easy to clean with running water 
  • Contoured handle: Ergonomic, soft grip, slip resistant polymer handle provides unparalleled balance, comfort and superior slip-free grip for safety
  • Easy storage: Custom fit protective blade sheath included to cover blade when not in use for moisture prevention 
  • Made in U.S.A.

Set Contents:

  • 1 piece 6-inches Santoku knife

Product Details:

  • Material Used: Ceramic & polymer
  • Dimensions: Blade measures 6 inches

Tips for Care & Usage:

  • Never use knife for cutting through bones & frozen meats, use meat cleavers instead 
  • Hand-wash recommended with non-acidic dish washing soap for protecting the sharpness of the edges
  • Immediately rinse & dry thoroughly afterwards with soft cloth to prevent from odor and bacterial formation
  • Re-sharpening can be done by Jaccard as required upon request
  • High sharpness hazard, store neatly at a safe place

Shipment Details:

  • Jaccard’s santoku knife – 6 inches is neatly packed & shipped within a corrugated box.
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