John Boos Maple Chop-N-Slice 10 x 5

C$ 18.50
SKU: i211-6

The versatile and extremely functional John Boos Maple Chop-N-Slice 10 x 5 chopping board is compulsory in any kitchen whether it is home or restaurant. With its comprehensive uses and durability, this top-grade cutting board stands out from the rest of the chopping boards in the market. The smooth surface is a pleasure to work on and the large area gives you room for a variety of prep work in the kitchen. Chopping, cutting, slicing, julienning, mincing, dicing, deboning and more can be well achieved in this wonderful board. This reversible flat board can be used for fruits and vegetables on one side and meats and poultry on the other.

Constructed out of northern hard rock maple, this board comes with a natural oil finish that can be replenished regularly with John Boos Board Cream. The cream forms a protective layer over your board and keeps it away from damages of moisture and food. Ensure that you handwash the board with warm water and a mild detergent after every use. This product is not dishwasher and oven safe. Experts believe that a hard wood construction such as this one is a perfect alternative to plastic or glass boards. The tight grained construction of the wood does not allow scratching and knife marks on the board. This ensures that there are no crevices for bacteria to thrive upon. Dish out wonderful kitchen creations with the John Boos Maple Chop-N-Slice 10 x 5 chopping board as your companion.

Key Features of the John Boos Maple Chop-N-Slice 10 x 5:

  • Reversible Flat Board: for vegetables on one side and meat on the other
  • Rounded Edge Finish: provides better finish and easy transfer
  • Grain Construction: resistant to cuts and scarring
  • Pre-Treated Beeswax Finish: provides smoothness and seals the wood from warping
  • Thick Board: keeps food in place and does not slide

Technical Specifications

  • Piece Count: 1
  • Board Dimensions: 10" x 5" x 1"
  • Material: Hard Maple Edge Grain Construction
  • Country of Origin: United States
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