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Cleavers & Boning Knives

If you are in search of top quality cleavers and boning knives, you have found the right place! Cilantro The Cooks Shop has a wide variety of quality cleavers and boning knives to meet your kitchen’s needs. We offer our cleavers and boning knives in well recognized brand names, including: Chroma, Global, Henckels, and many more in only the best quality for our valued customers.

A long-lasting and solid quality boning knife that we have to offer is our Global Flexible Boning Knife, G-21. This knife is made from quality stainless steel and made to stay sharp longer than the average knife. It has a longer taper than usual and will balance perfectly in your hand no matter how you are holding it. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

If you are searching for a meat cleaver that’s lighter than your average cleaver but still effective, then you should try our Global G-12 Meat Cleaver. The blade of this meat cleaver has been made to be durable with it’s ice tempered stainless steel. The blade is lightweight and the handle is hollow, allowing for optimal balance at all times. 

An excellent boning knife that will make an excellent edition to your kitchen is our Chroma Porsche Designed Type 301 Boning Knife, 140mm. This award winning knife is made from stainless steel in an ergonomic design to increase leverage while cutting. Also, the special design of this knife allows for extra control with the blade.

If you are ready to make your cleaver of boning knife purchase, then read the product descriptions and choose the cleaver or boning knife that’s perfect for you. If you have any questions about the cleavers or boning knives we have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at our toll-free number: 1-888-617-3418 to talk with one of our sales experts. Do you want some advice on what cleaver or boning knife fits your needs best? Take a moment to Google cleaver or boning knife reviews before making your purchase with Cilantro The Cooks Shop.

Don’t forget that we offer free shipping on all purchases within Canada and the Continental USA on orders that are $100.00 or more! Browse our selection of bread knives now by selecting an item or searching our online store for an item to see what options we have to offer.

Cleavers & Boning Knives

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Global Flexible Boning Knife, G-21
If you really want the cutting edge, the Global G-21 Flexible Boning Knife is just about as advanced..
C$125.00 CAD
Global G-12 Meat Cleaver
Serious cooks require serious knives, and the Global G-12 Meat Cleaver means business. You won’t hav..
C$204.00 CAD
Guede Delta 8" 21cm Fillet Knife Flex.
The Guede Delta 8" 21cm Fillet Knife features a flexible blade to effectively remove skin and b..
C$208.00 CAD

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