Global GSF-24 6" Universal, Utility Knife

C$ 80.00
SKU: i71GSF24

The Global GSF-24 Forged Utility Knife is a very versatile and extremely high-quality tool. Like most Global knives, it has been forged from stainless steel with a very sharp edge that won’t wear down as quickly as the blades seen on the similar knives of their competitors, and it has been handcrafted in Japan by people who treat knives with the utmost pride and respect.

You will find many uses for such a handy tool in your kitchen, and it can even be used as a steak knife. The best possible use for this blade is in cutting fruits and vegetables, and in its class it is simply unrivalled. A very sharp and expertly crafted knife goes a long way towards improving all of your dishes, because while a good knife doesn’t necessarily make the chef you really can’t call yourself a master cook if your equipment isn’t up to par.

Comfort and agility are two things that are very important to Global and their customers, and this is no exception. You will immediately notice the difference when you hold this knife in your hand. It is quite light in terms of weight, and while this normally means a knife won’t be balanced correctly they have gone to great lengths to make sure it is perfectly weighted from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. These knives are made from one solid piece of stainless steel and feature hollow handles to make sure they do not outweigh the blades, and that delicate balance in a small and light form factor means increased precision and no cramping in your hands. The handle is also dimpled, to make certain you can keep a firm grip on it, and there is a notch to keep your fingers from slipping towards that razor-sharp blade. Everything here has been thought of, and this knife seems like a great match for just about any cook.

The Global GSF-24 6" Universal, Utility Knife features:

  • Drop forged one piece Molybdenum Vanadium steel
  • Great to use on fruits and vegetables 
  • Can also be used as a steak knife


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