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The Global G-10 Flexible Slicing Knife is a specialty kitchen tool with a very long 12 1/2 inch blade, made from the strongest and thinnest of stainless steels to ensure that it stays sharp for a very long time. This isn’t your average kitchen knife, not by a long shot, but if you are looking for high quality and a professional grade product then this is going to be a good match for you.

Global knives are ground by hand to a sharp point, as opposed to the more typical bevel you would expect from an ordinary kitchen knife. This makes them very remarkably sharp, much sharper than the rest, and this can make a world of difference. One of the secrets to the way they maintain their sharpness over a long period of time is the ice tempering process the steel undergoes, ensuring the structure of the steel is very strong. Not every company bothers to take these extra steps to ensure quality.

Because these knives are made from one piece of steel it also means that the handle is of the same impeccably high level of quality as the blade itself, and that is some high praise. The handles are perfectly molded and ergonomic for a high degree of comfort in hands of all sizes, and they are dimpled to protect against slips, which is obviously a very good feature to have and particularly with a blade this sharp!

This knife can be used for a variety of tasks including cutting paper-thin slices of fish and meat, and it even makes a very good bread knife for all of the bakers out there. With the lifetime warranty Global provides you are protected against damage and defects, making this great Japanese knife a no-brainer for those who are serious about food.

The Global Knife - Ham / Salmon Slicer features:

  • Stainless steel
  • Light weight in your hands
  • Straight ground edge that stays sharper longer


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