Global Oriental Fluted Chefs Knife, G-66

C$ 140.00
SKU: i71G66

Presenting the Global G-66 Hollow Ground Chef’s Knife, which should become the all-star tool most turned to in your kitchen for its impeccable build quality and razor sharpness. This is a professional grade knife which many chefs will swear by, and the difference it can make with your own food preparation is something worth salivating over. Many who try them refuse to go back to any other knife.

These Japanese knives are built to last with stainless steel tempered with ice to make sure they are rock solid, and able to withstand a lot of use without wearing down. It also means that they can have extremely thin blades, and in order to make them even sharper Global has a much more pronounced taper ending in a sharper angle than similar knives in the same category. When you are able to work with a knife this sharp you will know the difference right away, and since it stays sharper for longer without any special sharpening you’ve got something really special.

The second most important feature of these knives has to be in the design of the handle, because in order to keep the whole knife balanced with such a thin and light blade the handle has to be unique. In this case, it is completely hollow apart from the addition of freely moving sand, which helps to maintain the delicate balance no matter how you hold or use the knife. This is a truly ingenious innovation and the kind of thing that can make a real difference.

You should be able to find almost unlimited uses for this knife, and if it is the only Global knife in your kitchen you might simply refuse to use anything else. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well, covering damage and defects.

The Global Oriental Fluted Chef's Knife G-66 features:

  • Since 1985, Komin Yamada has always used revolutionary materials and the latest manufacturing techniques in Global knives
  • Global knives are made of the finest high carbon stainless steel
  • CROMOVA 18 = CRO is 18-percent of Chromium and MO and VA are molybdenum and vanadium
  • Signature sharpness with superior edge retention
  • Lightweight and balanced for easy handling in the kitchen


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