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If you want to cook like a chef, you need the right tools for the job, and the Global GS-8 Bird’s Beak Peeling Knife is a great addition to a complete kitchen. This will handle many jobs a paring knife can, but better, and in certain cases you will find that you absolutely require a sharp knife with this design to get a professional look and result when you are preparing food.

To help make your job a whole lot easier, you can trust and depend upon Global’s legendary sharpness and durability. The blades of all Global knives are made with the absolute highest quality steel possible, and they are made available at a price point most of us can afford-- not just the professional chefs. These stainless steel knives are ice-tempered to further strengthen their blades, allowing for an even thinner, and therefore sharper edge, without risking it being weak or going dull more quickly.

You don’t want to mess around with a pro-grade tool like this, which is why just as much consideration has been given to the handle. The most important features are the protective notch which will stop your fingers from slipping towards its very sharp blade, and likewise the sure-grip handle with its dimpled surface texture adds to your safety. Those are the most important features, but the most exciting and brilliant feature is that the handles are hollow and include a small and carefully measured amount of sand which moves with your cutting motions, always maintaining the all-important aspect of the knife’s balance in your hand.

As with all of their products, Global offers a fairly generous warranty, which is a sign that the company has great faith in the knives that they make. Many types of damage and any defects will be completely covered, so you can feel at ease about making the purchase and seeing the difference a professional-grade knife can make in your own kitchen.

The Global Peeling Knife, 7cm features:

  • Razor sharp
  • Stays sharper longer
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Stainless steel seamless construction
  • Sure-grip handles


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