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The thin blade and the small handle of the Global Sai Paring Knife – 10cm helps you cut, slice and peel a whole range of fruits and vegetables. The Global knives are extremely popular among chefs due to its high utility and excellent endurance. The Global Sai knives were designed by Komin Yomada in the year 1985, when it took the culinary world by storm due to its revolutionary design. The designer drew inspiration for his knives from the fearless Samurai warriors. The principles of virtue are represented in the form of seven bullet holes or black dots in all the Global Sai knives. The all-steel construction of the Global Sai knives is a hygienically smooth design and ensures that there are no dirt pockets, which makes cleaning the knife an effortless task. The small handle of the paring knife ensure that you can work with the food item in your hand easily without the use of a chopping board. The razor sharp blade of the knife is best suited to peel and cut fruits and vegetables by providing you with utmost grip. The handle also has a convenient thumb rest that gives you total control without fatigue even after hours of cutting and peeling.

The ergonomic handle is designed with the hollow handle technology that provides safety and precision when using the knife. The triple-blade construction of the knife consists of the outer soft layer that is constructed with SUS-410 corrosion-resistant steel. The inner core is made up of Cromova 18 stainless steel that is hardened to Rockwell 56-58 to maintain the hard edge. The hammer blade finish of the knife gives the knife a stunning appearance and also prevents the food from sticking to the knife blade when cutting. You must always hand-wash the knife after use and do not let food dry on the knife. The hammered finish of the blade helps in creating air pockets that does not allow the food to stick to the knife while chopping. If it is coring an apple or peeling garlic pods, the Global Sai Paring Knife – 10 cm will serve you well.

Key Features of the Global Sai Paring Knife - 10 cm:

  • Three- Layered Superior Stainless Steel Blade: provides an extreme sharp edge for precision cutting
  • Central Layer Cromova 18 Stainless Steel: for better core quality and longevity
  • Outer Layers Soft SUS410 Stainless Steel: keeps the blade from cracking and chipping
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle: provides superior grip and safety
  • Hammered Finish Blade: creates air pockets that does not allow food to stick when chopping

Technical Specifications

  • Blade Length: 10 cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Country of Origin: Japan
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